Gay Couple Willing to Adopt Abandoned Baby; Biological Family Says No

A gay couple in Vancouver, Canada were rejected as adoptive parents by an abandoned baby’s biological family unwilling to take care of the child themselves.

The gay couple, Spencer and Romi Chandra-Herbert, had been searching for a child to adopt for several years when they were contacted by a social worker about a baby in British Columbia, Canada, who was abandoned by its birth parents. They had indicated that they were willing to foster the child with the possibility to adopt later.

The birth parents were looking to place the (non-white) baby with a family that wasn’t fully white and would better understand non-white children, according to Spencer Chandra-Herbert.

Spencer is a Member of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia for the New Democratic Party. Spencer’s husband, Romi, a social justice activist, was born on Fiji island to Indian parents. The couple, who have been together for 14 years, were married in 2010.

However, after being told that the prospective adoptive parents were a gay couple, the baby’s relatives indicated that they would not accept the same-sex family. In British Columbia and elsewhere in Canada, biological parents and their relatives are allowed to reject prospective adoptive families for any reason.


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