Help Gay Uncle Blaine As He Takes In His Baby Niece

Guest post by Danael Broussard.

I was talking to a good friend the other day, and he asked me what I thought about being a dad. I told him that it was hard to explain.

"I never thought I could love Samuel as much as I do," I said. "Just being able to raise him, and him look up to me the way he does, is unexplainable. There is nothing that little man could do that would ever make me love him less, or more."

Gay men can take many different journeys to become dads. Mine started with being married to my son’s mom, which isn’t as unique as I once thought.

My good friend Blaine has recently become a caretaker for a baby girl for reasons that are out of his, or anyone's, control.


Blaine is the kind of friend who will always bring light into a room. Whether it's with a smile, a hug, or simply providing a safe space to take a deep breath. That's just him. Blaine and I have been friends for well over a decade, and I couldn’t imagine living adult life without him in my corner.

Blaine has a family, like most of us do. And like many families, on occasion, there are family members who struggle with demons beyond their control. Circumstances happen, and the rest of us are left to pick up the pieces. The bold ones, like Blaine, step in to put the puzzle back together.


Recently, Blaine was given the opportunity to be the temporary caretaker for his 7-month-old niece, Gracie. Most of us know how much energy, time, and money it takes to care for a little one. Even when baby showers and parents are there to help.

I would love for the LGBTQ+ family to cover Blaine and baby Gracie with the light he always shows to the world. Please consider donating to the GoFundMe for Blaine and baby Gracie here.


Posted by Danael Broussard

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