Felix Meets His Guncles

We first learnt about gay dad Salim Stevenson and his young son Felix from London, United Kingdom, in a Gays With Kids article a few month ago. In the meantime, Salim has settled into life as a single gay dad and today, in his first photo blog for Gays With Kids, he takes us along with him as his son meets his "Guncles" for the very first time.

Felix meets… Andre – Felix meets his Guncle Andre in his first ever pub!  Start as we mean to go on!

Felix meets… Andrew – Guncle Andrew is super broody at the mo and has set himself a two-year deadline to have the white picket fence and kids.  Watch this space!


Felix meets… Aritha – Guncle Aritha took Felix and me round his neck of the woods – posh Kensington.  We treated ourselves to a spot of afternoon tea in the café next door to William and Kate’s humble abode.


Felix meets… Ashley – Guncle Ashley cuddled Felix all the way from scenic London Fields and down Broadway Market, giving dad a chance to enjoy a cheeky Bloody Mary.


Felix meets… Bugsy – Guncle Bugs took Felix and dad around the Victoria & Albert Museum and ended at the most important exhibit – the bar.


Felix meets… Doug – Guncle Doug from Down Under loves his new little nephew.  All eyes are on Doug and his partner Gareth to be the next proud parents…

Felix meets… Gareth (below right) and Kew – Guncles Gareth and Kew take it in turns to hold Felix in his new kitchen.

Felix meets… Gus – Felix gets his first Brazilian cuddle with Guncle Gus in East London’s newest hot spot - Olympic Village.

Felix meets… Jacob – Felix looks out for the fashion police as he meets Guncle Jacob on trendy King’s Road.

Felix meets… Jermaine – Strict Guncle Jermaine goes all soft when he first holds Felix.  Jermaine also has his sights set on fatherhood. It's quite a race out there!

Felix meets… Steve and David - Fellow friend of GWK Steve and his son David meet Felix and dad for a lovely little picnic in Hyde Park. This weekend gave us a taste of the summer heat in spring – great day, and David is just adorable!

Posted by Salim Stephenson

Salim Stephenson is a proud father, Instagrammer, lawyer, liberal and vegan :-)

Website: https://www.gaybydaddy.com

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