Father’s Day Reflections

In honor of Father’s Day, we invite you to read these holiday reflections written by several of our gay dad bloggers.

  • Frank Emanuele, Donor’s Day — This is Frank’s first Father’s Day as both a ‘donor’ dad to the child he helped create for his lesbian friends, and as full-time dad along with his husband of their own baby boy.
  • Hans Hirschi, Reflections on Fatherhood — Hans reconciles less than favorable childhood memories of his own dad with the notion of how he’d like his family to acknowledge the day for him.
  • Herb Allen, 5 Tips to Survive Your Newborn — Herb had an early Father’s Day gift this year with the recent news that they had been picked by a birth mother, and then had just six days to prepare for the newborn’s arrival.
  • Mark Mains, Celebrating June — Mark and his husband have lots to celebrate this month, especially with the recent finalization of the adoption of their son Micah.

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