Fantastic Photos: Felix and His Family

Some of you already know me, Salim, and my son Felix. We live in London.

The last few weeks have been busy busy busy for Felix! His family came over from Texas to stay for two months.

There was Nanny (Grandma).

Aunty Suraiya (also the surrogate who gave birth to him).

And Suraiya’s three boys – 5-year-old Alex (in the middle) and 3-year-old twins (or twits as I call them), hyper-loud Shaya on the left and cutesy-sweet Faris on the right.

They piled into the house like a scene from “The Waltons." It was pandemonium. I quickly realized the importance of child-proofing! I suppose I can at least say it was good practice. Felix loved all the noise because he was used to it. When Suraiya gave birth to Felix as surrogate early this year, he and I spent his first three months in her house in Texas with the boys, so Felix’s little ears quickly built up a tolerance to tantrums and screams (and that’s just me).

Felix loved seeing everyone again!

Every morning my sister would shout “Hi Fe Fe!” in a loud high-pitched voice and he’d always smile.

He really enjoyed bouncing on Nanny’s knee too.

Shaya didn’t really know what to make of him.

Whereas Faris always found a way to be around him.

But Felix managed to spend some quality time with his old man.

Dad enjoyed sharing the feeding duties with Nanny.

We found time to go on a few family outings, like the one below when we all piled on to the Tube (that’s what Londoners call the subway) and went to Earl’s Court.

But every day would end up with Felix worn out from all the family fun.

That makes two of us!

Anyway, all good things come to an end and the family flew out last week. Always time for an airport-family-selfie though!

Felix and I are planning a trip over to them in Texas in the spring, so watch this space.

For now, thanks everyone for getting to know this little piece of Felix’s world. Until the next time!


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