'Every Adoption Journey is Unique' Says This Adoptive Dad of Three

It's National Adoption Month! And to celebrate, Erik Alexander decided to put together a YouTube video, shedding some light on each of his three adoption processes.  
"I have received many emails about how Douglas and I navigated our own adoption process," Erik said, referring to his husband. "So many questions that I just copy & paste my responses. I felt like it was an appropriate time to talk about it, being that it is National Adoption Month." 
Navigating the adoption process can be scary and intimidating, Erik continued. "Add on the vulnerability we feel as gay dads and that just makes it even worse," he said. "The ups, downs, twists and turns... it is like the most terrifyingly rewarding rollercoaster you could ever choose to ride. It is completely unpredictable and to make it even more difficult, each experience is completely different!"
Hearing from other dads who have been through the process successfully — making their dreams of fatherhood come true — can also help, which is why Erik is offering up his own experience to others. "I felt it was only fitting to document our adoption experiences for anyone that may need advice or are curious about how the process works," he said. "Remember, take it one day at a time and as hard as it is, keep your guard up. Before you know it, that baby will be snuggled into your loving arms."
Check out Erik's video below:

Posted by Erik Alexander

Erik Alexander is a blogger, writer and creator of Nolapapa.com. He is married to the love of his life, Douglas. Together 14 years, they have 3 beautiful children via adoption. Living in New Orleans, Louisiana, Erik feels that is crucially important that visibility helps normalize what “today’s parent” looks like and created his blog to help light a path for others

Website: https://www.nolapapa.com

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