Enjoying Halloween Through the Eyes of a Child

This Halloween is the first time that Milo gets to experience Halloween, and for the first time as dads, we get to experience what Halloween is really all about too.

When we were kids in elementary school, we would go on a Halloween Parade around the neighborhood, have classroom parties and wait for that sun to set so we could go out and get candy until we were knee-deep in it. Our parents would dress get us whatever costume we wanted and for that night, we became whoever we wanted to be!

Now that Milo is old enough to understand Halloween, I will be able to appreciate fully what my parents experienced with us.

When we pick Milo up from day care, our very first Halloween card from him is waiting for us on the shelf. We read it and begin to cry! I am sure we are going to cry a lot more from Milo's cards and letters!

We attend our neighbor’s baby Halloween play date. This is Milo's first Halloween party, and he has a great time playing with all the kids in their costumes! It's adorable to see them interact with each other, rip the toys out of each other's hands, have melt downs, all while in costume. Hilarious!

Milo helps us carve the pumpkin for the first time. He helps me scoop out the guts, but he is unsure about the seeds sticking to his hand, so naturally he shakes his hand as hard as he can so they fly all over the place. And papa loves picking them all up. (That is sarcasm.)

We all dress as hula dancers this year. Frank and I put our costumes on and Milo just looks at us with an expression that said, What the heck are you doing?! Then he smiles and runs away from us. We chase him, manage to put his costume on, and as any child would do, tries to rip off his grass skirt. But a few seconds later with the distraction of, "Milo, where is your broom?" the grass skirt is forgotten and now all focus is on the broom and sweeping the floor.

Now it’s time to go out trick-or-treating. I hand Milo his little candy bucket, but that won't do. He literally throws it down, runs to the mud room and grabs the mop bucket. (Again, the obsession with cleaning!) Maybe he should have been a custodian for Halloween! We go to our neighbors’ house and he is so excited to see the basket of candy! At first he didn't quite get the whole idea of someone handing him candy. He prefers to grab a handful and walk off with it. But by the third house, he bangs on the door and, when our neighbor opened the door, he holds out his bucket and says, “Hi.” He is so excited to get candy! When he gets his chocolate, he just turns around and says, "Bye". The cutest thing ever!

We come back home to hand out our candy to the trick-or-treaters. All three of us sit on the porch. At first Milo is apprehensive about handing candy out, but after a few kids, he is throwing it in their bags! He is having a blast! He jumps up and screams when he throws the candy at them. He is having the time of his life! And Frank and I are equally ecstatic seeing him having so much fun!

Although we have experienced many Halloweens, there is no better way than to experience anything than that through the eyes of your child. There is no greater feeling of joy than when you see your child scream with excitement!

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