"Magical and Full of Love": Congratulations to These Growing Families

For many parents in the GWK community, it really has been the most wonderful time of the year. We're so excited to congratulate these dads who welcomed new additions to their families at the end of 2021!


Sean and Karl; New Jersey


Congratulations to New Jersey dads Karl and Sean, who have finally completed the adoption process for their baby girl Arya. Since their daughter's adoption hearing was delayed by 18 months due to Covid-19, Sean and Karl want to encourage anyone else thinking about fostering or adopting to do it, and don't get discouraged by the patience needed. "Holding our little one for the first time was magical and full of love," the dads said.

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Juan Carlos and David; Madrid, Spain


For Juan Carlos and David in Madrid, Spain, the journey to parenthood began in February 2020. After more than four years of trying, their moment finally arrived when their son Gabriel was born via surrogacy this year. "Holding baby Gabriel for the first time was one of the most beautiful experiences we have been able to live in our lives," the dads said. "It is love [that] made a person, and since he was born we cannot stop picking him up and staring at him day and night!"

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Matthew and Barry; Queens, New York


Matthew Silverstein and Barry Shainker were filled with love when they welcomed their beautiful daughter Abigail Hannah into the world in mid-November 2021. The couple, who live in New York, started the adoption process a few months before the pandemic. After months of trying to connect with a birth mother, they were finally chosen by a woman in South Carolina. When Abigail was born just before Thanksgiving, the couple said they were equally focused on their baby and her birth mom. "Her courage and strength in offering this priceless gift, one we would not have without her, was immeasurable," the dads said. 

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David and Clint; Portland, Oregon

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Congrats to David and Clint, who became dads again this year to baby Ari. On a Sunday evening in June, the couple got a call from an adoption agency in Portland, and by the next day they had a newborn who was in the NICU. "We had been planning a vacation that week and everything changed," the couple said. They were in the hospital with their son for 22 days while he experienced symptoms of Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS.) "He is our mighty little dude and is on track to be just fine," the said. They said their other son loves his brother just as much as they do, and he is a really great helper.

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Scott and Drew

Dads Scott and Drew were thrilled to bring home their new baby boy Indiana just before Thanksgiving. The couple had talked about wanting children even before they got engaged, and were excited to start the process once they matched with a surrogate earlier this year.
They said the best thing about fatherhood so far has been seeing their family members with baby Indiana, and seeing his personality start to develop. "It’s not going to go as planned," the dads said of the path to parenthood. "Plan as best as you can financially and then let go and try to enjoy. Even the waiting will seem special once they’re with you."

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Danny and Nelson; California


Danny and Nelson first discussed starting a family when they met in 2012. In preparation for fatherhood, they even uprooted themselves from the Bay Area in 2019 and moved to Central California to a new home with a big backyard. Nearly a decade after they first talked about being dads, the couple have finalized their son Bentley's adoption on December 14th, 2021. "He came to us in January of this year, and our lives have been forever changed," they said. "We love him and the foster-adopt journey!"

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Dave and Dean; Australia

New dads Dave and Dean, who live in Melbourne, Australia, went through a three-year journey to become parents. They said it involved multiple egg donors, surrogates, and a global pandemic. But in early October 2021, the couple finally welcomed their little boy Beau via international surrogacy in Canada. "Holding him for the first time was the most surreal moment of our lives," they said. "At times we thought it would never happen. It was totally worth it though. We’re so in love with him!"

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Ryan and Wynn; Portland, Oregon


Ryan and Wynn grew their family in August this year when they welcomed their second son Gus through surrogacy. "We've been so lucky to have both our kids with the same 'belly buddy,' as our eldest calls [their surrogate]," they said. ⁠Like many others, Ryan and Wynn found the surrogacy process a little intimidating at first, but with a great surrogacy agency, and by listening to the advice of others, they said they were quickly in a good place. The husbands also have some great advice for future dads; "Go for it, pace yourself, and don't get too stuck on any one outcome. Rolling with a plan then changing that plan is good prep for parenting."

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David and Cédric; Nice, France


David and Cédric were overjoyed to welcome their boy-and-girl twins in September. The babies were born via surrogacy in Houston, Texas, and are now back home with their dads in France. The first time the couple said they felt like dads was when they got the chance to cut the babies' umbilical cords in the delivery room. Then, they said everything changed. "For maybe the first time ever, you care about somebody else more than you care about yourself," the dads said. "Their happiness, their health, their sense of well-being and personal security, is more important than your own. You would give up everything for them, without even a second thought."

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Mark and Nick; Buffalo, New York


Congrats to New York dads Mark and Nick, who pushed through years of setbacks to finally have their baby boy. Atlas was born via surrogacy in South Carolina in early November 2021. "Holding him for the first time was indescribable," the dads said. "To feel his skin and heartbeat took our breath away; something we’d yearned for seemed unreal at that moment."

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Alexander and Ben; London, UK


Husbands Alexander and Ben went through several painful setbacks before they finally got to meet their baby girl Zara in mid-November. They flew to Mexico for the birth, and Ben was lucky enough to be in the operating room for the planned C-section. "As soon as they pulled her head out and I heard her cry, it was like a weight had been lifted that I didn’t know I had been carrying for the past 2 years," he said. "It was a moment I will never forget." Alexander said he was anxious for the entire 9 months, but as soon as he saw Ben holding their baby, all those worries went away. "Behind my tear-filled eyes, was a proud father excited to show our little girl all the love in the world," he said.

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Chris and Justin; St Louis, Missouri


Chris and Justin are excited to announce they're growing their family! This Missouri family of three are welcoming twins via surrogacy in April 2022. Watch this space for gorgeous twin pics in the new year.

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