DC comics introduces all LGBTQ+ justice league month for pride

DC Comics Introduces All-LGBTQ+ Justice League for Pride Month

There have been many changes to the lineup of DC Comics’ Justice League over the years. But for the first time since its launch in 1962, the superhero squad will finally feature an all LGBTQ+ cast of characters.

DC Comics announced the launch of its queer Justice League, nicknamed JLQ, at the start of June 2021 to mark Pride month.

According to Gayming Mag, the JLQ team consists of several queer characters like Extraño and his husband, Tasmanian Devil, The Ray, Steel, Batwoman, Crush and Bunker from the Teen Titans.

There’s also Midnighter and Apollo, Wink, The Aerie; a nonbinary character from the Suicide Squad, teen ghost hunter and mage Traci 13, immortal warrior Shining Knight, and Tremor; DC’s only asexual hero.


A few notable queer characters are not included in DC Pride#1, like transgender superhero Dreamer, Alan Scott's Green Lantern, The Question, John Constantine, and everyone’s favorite chaotic couple Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, leaving space for plenty more DC comics featuring their other LGBTQ+ characters.

The tale, entitled “Love Life,” starts with Jackson Hyde, the current Aqualad, attending his first Pride celebration on a date with his boyfriend Syl, an apprentice magician. 

Unfortunately, the parade is rained upon with hate by a powerful supervillain named Eclipso. Although it seems like Syl teleports away to safety, he soon returns with a whole team of queer DC heroes to save the day.

The 8-page story in DC Pride#1 was written by Andrew Wheeler and created by a team of LGBTQ+ creators and artists.

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