Dance Like No One Is Watching

There is a saying "dance like no one is watching". Well, the kid in this video has not a care in the world! People are stopping, staring, laughing...he is living.

People probably say this kid "is so cute" or "that kid can DANCE!"...Yet when he gets to school (or especially when he gets older) he is called a fag.

How do you raise a kid like this safely? So their "light" is not extinguished and yet you keep the baddies away. One time alone in a bathroom with someone who is out to hurt...a dark alley. Scary.

Do you tell this kid to “put this to the side”? Act Normal.

What is normal?

We all know this kid. What I mean is, many of us were this kid. For example, when I was directing middle and high school theater, any one of the students involved or parent chaperones who saw my choreographer and I dance to Ricky Martin at any cast party knew this. But I was an adult. I wasn't scared what people thought. It’s different.

Now, I am raising "this kid". (Anyone at my sister wedding reception knows this.)

The kid in this video knows who he is and doesn't care. And so does my son. But words still hurt.

The title of this video is "WTF" people are making fun of him in just the title alone.

Guess what: Keep dancing kid!

Posted by Barry Kriebel Jr.

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