Dads Prepare For Irma

As Florida braces itself for the full impact of Irma, we spoke briefly with two of our dads who call the sunshine state home.

Michael Anderson and husband Jeff Binder live with their daughter Annika in Naples, Florida. They relocated to the beautiful city in 2015 and are proud to call it their home.

"We're lucky to live in one of the most beautiful places in the country and we are stressed and very sad about what could happen to it," said Michael.

The family prepared their house for Irma as best as they could, putting shutters over all the windows. They're in the middle of renovating their house so they currently have no walls or floors, but their possessions are all in storage and they fear for their security.

Annika has been asking her dads about hurricanes ever since moving to Naples, and Michael's response was always to reassure his daughter that they would be warned in advance if one was heading their way. This would then provide them enough time to drive out, with their cats, to safety. And that's exactly what they did.

"She's taking it in her stride," said Michael. "[Annika] can sense that we are more stressed than usual but I'm assuring her we will make the most of our time in Mobile, Alabama, and do lots of fun things."

The family left on Thursday for Tallahassee and took a route away from the main highway. The biggest challenge was trying to find gas and they were fearful for Jeff's mother, who was driving up to meet them and was running low on gas, wouldn't make it to them. Thankfully she did, and now they're all safely in Mobile, Alabama.

Jeff and Michael with Annika, Naples, Florida.


Jordan Letschert and his husband Robby Price live in Sarasota, Florida, with their son Kellan, and for now, they're staying put.

Jordan and Robby with their son Kellan, only a few weeks old in this photo.

"We are doing well; our house has all our storm shutters up and we have all our supplies from food to flashlights set," reported Jordan. "We also have one of our friends and his dog here who evacuated from Ft. Lauderdale."

Their real concern is for their friends in Key West, as well as a family business and marina. Their Key West resort, The Galleon, has shutters in place and is prepared for the might of Irma.

"There is only one way in and out of the Keys and if a bridge goes down, Key West becomes cut off," explained Jordan. "Also it gets its power from Miami, so if power is lost, it will be a while."

Kellan is only 14 months old so they haven't explained to him what is happening. They are trying to keep his schedule as normal as possible.

Jordan and Robby's house with the screens in place

In terms of preparing for the storm, Jordan has his family's bases covered.

"We got our supplies early, from flashlights to water, and frozen meats should we lose power ... We have water but will [also] fill up bath tubs with water as well, just in case."

Their cars tanks are full, and they've covered their outdoor fire pit which is made up of 150 pounds of glass.

Robby and Jordan are fortunate enough that if the eye should appear to be headed for them, they have plane arrangements they can use as late as Saturday.


Florida is in our thoughts as they prepare for what is predicted to be a devastating storm. We will keep you posted of charities to donate to as we continue to follow this story. Our thoughts are with everyone in Florida and the Caribbean.

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