"Daddy, am I gay?"

It was WorldPride last weekend in Toronto. A number of times I took our son to Church Street, the center of the celebrations, as well as to family pride events and to the pride parade.

Our little guy was curious. This is the first time he had questions. I’m sure there will be many more discussions in years ahead but for now I’m glad the conversations have started.

Anthony: “Am I gay?”

Daddy: “I’d say we don't know yet.”

Anthony: “Well, my teacher is not gay. He lives alone.”

Daddy: “It's not necessarily about who you live with -- although papa and daddy live together -- but about who you love.”

Anthony: “I love you and you're a boy, so that makes me gay.”

I left it at that.

Anthony: “Daddy, do you know what else is gay?”

Daddy: “What?”

Anthony: “Unicorns.”

Daddy: “Well, true. Especially the rainbow ones.”

Anthony: “Daddy, why are you gay?”

Daddy: “I don't know exactly. People are trying to research that to figure it out.”

Anthony: “Were you born gay?”

Daddy: “I think so.”

Anthony: “Why can't I walk around in my underwear like those men are doing?”

Daddy: “Good question.”

Anthony: “It's hot out. I want to walk around in my underwear.”

Daddy: “You can take your shirt off but that's it.”

My favorite moment was one late afternoon when we were returning home. We passed a couple walking toward the festivities and they said a friendly hello. Anthony replied, in his cheerful voice, “Happy Pride!” And that made me proud all over.

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