Dad 101: How to Turn Your Baby Into a Burrito

This is the second of a monthly collaboration between Gays With Kids and Two Men and A Baby.

The most terrifying moment of this past summer wasn't sitting in a dark movie theatre for a late-night screening of "It," sending our popcorn flying when Pennywise chomped off Georgie's arm in the first five minutes. No, it was a few weeks later in a sun-drenched hospital room in Colorado, when a nurse handed over our minutes-old daughter and then swiftly left us alone with her.

We looked down at her beautiful, alert face with a mix of awe and terror — how was it possible that we were now responsible for keeping this precious life-form alive? Shouldn't there be a certification exam for this? We'd read a few books, of course, and taken a newborn class, but those were poor substitutes for the real deal, for putting theory into practice.

We barely slept that night. Or most of the following week. We kept vigil over every sound, every gurgle: was her breathing OK? Was she choking? Like many new parents we were freaked out by SIDS, that nightmare disease, most of all.

Even though SIDS still haunts us, things gradually improved as we came to realize that raising a baby boils down to mastering a few finite tasks. You can literally count them on one hand: changing a diaper, feeding and burping, holding and soothing, swaddling, giving your baby a bath. That's pretty much it. And you repeat those things over and over again, day in and day out, like an infinite loop with no end in sight.

On that premise we created a bunch of 101 videos on Baby Basics. The fundamentals, if you will. Not to suggest we're perfect parents by any means, but we wanted to share some tips and tricks that helped us ramp up the learning curve and get to a stable place. That is, until Sloane regresses and it's a whole new set of challenges… but we'll save those for the 201 videos :)

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Visit Dave and Bart's YouTube channel to watch more of their hilarious and informative videos.

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