"Suddenly, Nothing Else Matters." Congrats to These Gay Dads On Their Recent Births and Adoptions!

It's our favorite time of the month — when we get to congratulate all the new gay, bi and trans dads in our communities, and those who expanded their families! Please join us in giving a hearty GWK round of applause to the following queer men whose houses are a bit fuller this month:

Texas Dads Bring Home Baby Number Two—Houston, Tex.


Houston Texas dads Brett and Michael are the fathers of a beautiful little girl and a newly adopted six month old baby boy. Brett tells us about their most recent adoption.⁠

“Our most recent process lasted well over two years. There were several times we were put in unusual situations and we had to walk away, even after investing a good amount of time, emotion, and money. In the end, we consider ourselves very lucky.”⁠

Bret also spoke about the finalization process, and how the legality of their marriage played a part.⁠

“Our finalization was much easier this time. It may have been due to COVID-19 restrictions, but the biggest difference we had was only one court hearing rather than two, thanks to the legalization of our marriage.”⁠

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These New Dads are Already Teaching Their Daughter Another Language — South Shore, Mass.

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South Shore, MA dads Joe and Adam are new parents to their adoptive daughter, Sophia. Joe talked about how his and Adam’s lives changed since bringing home their daughter.

“For Joe, it was trading in his car for a larger vehicle with a third row! He is a car guy, and that was a big move for him. For me, it's the little moments of sitting with Sophia and speaking French to her. I'm a French teacher and fluent in French. I'm making it a goal to only speak to her in French, so she becomes bi-lingual. She is by far my favorite student," said Adam.

Joe also talks about how blessed he and his partner feel to have their new baby girl in their lives.

“Honestly, it is such a blessing to have a little one we can help grow and develop into her own person. Watching her grow and change so much in just the first month has been such a joy.”

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These Two Daddies Celebrate the Birth of Their Two Bundles of Joy  Atlanta, GA

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Atlanta dads JP and Luis are the new proud fathers of Joaquin and Lucia through surrogacy. JP says their family-friend Angie helped them create the family that they always wanted.

“Angie had done her residency with me, and is now a practicing OBGYN in Austin and has her own set of twins with her husband, and offered to carry for us. We went through the whole process in the middle of COVID and were grateful that everything went smoothly.”

Like every ride, there were few bumps in the road, but the couple eventually got the twins they always wanted.

“Our gestational carrier had an emergency C-section while we were still in Atlanta, so we jumped on the next flight and went straight to the hospital. It actually took a a few hours to assimilate what had just happened: we were finally dads!” said JP.

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Check Out These Dads' Amazing Adoption Story—Atlanta, GA

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Chad and Clifton are two new dads from Atlanta celebrating the birth of their beautiful baby boy through private domestic adoption. Chad told us that their adoption was a true roller coaster ride.

“At first we were parenting a beautiful a baby girl for almost a week (and during double hurricanes at the height of the pandemic,) only to have to give her back when her mother reversed her plan and chose to parent just a few hours before her window expired," Clifton said. "The grief we worked through was hugely challenging to us as individuals and to our marriage."

But their adoption journey didn't end there. In June 2021 they were contacted for an emergency/no notice placement for their son.

“We’d never want anyone to go through a disruption, but we do now feel the child who was meant to be ours made his way to us in due time," Chad said. "In fact, our son’s biological mother cited our 2020 loss as a big reason for connecting to us and picking us to adopt her baby. The world works in invisible and miraculous ways!”

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These Cali Dads are Smiling Over Their New Baby Girl—California

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Guy and Eric are proud dads to their amazing 3-year-old daughter, and now their beautiful 1-month-old baby girl. These California dads decided on surrogacy both times, and Guy told us that both of their surrogacy journeys were different and each one came with its own twists and turns.

“The surrogacy process was a rollercoaster ride for us. We were told that we would have a successful pregnancy the first time, given all of these high percentages. So when it didn’t work, we were devastated and assumed there was something wrong with us.”

Through perseverance and resilience, these daddies continued the process through to the end and not only had one successful surrogacy, but two.

“Leaving the hospital for the first time with the first child and realizing we had no one to tell us what to do was a big leap," Guy said. "Now that we have two daughters, we are just excited to have the opportunity to shape our children’s lives in the hope they will make us better parents and people in return.”

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Dads Michael and Chad Talk About the First Time They Met Their Son—Baltimore, Md.

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Michael and Chad are brand new dads to their 1-week-old baby boy through embryo donation/IVF with a very close friend as the gestational carrier.

“We were so very fortunate to have a close friend offer to be a surrogate for us," Michael said. "We knew that this path would be financially challenging, but having a known-surrogate helps out a lot. Our surrogate was always going to be a friend for life, but after this journey, we’ve becoming something more than that.”

Michael tells GWK that both he and his husband had their own experiences when they met their son for the first time.

“When I called the pediatrician’s office to make our sons first appointment, I referenced him as ‘my son’. It was the first time I ever said it out loud and it hit me hard that I actually had a son and I started to tear up as I continued my conversation with the pediatrician’s office," Michael said.

“Chad wasn’t able to be in the operating room with myself and our carrier. After our son was born, I was able to wheel him out of the OR and into our recovery room. At that moment, Chad was talking to our carrier’s husband and as I approached him with our son, he said everything suddenly stopped and nothing else mattered in the world."

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