"Dream High" Congrats to These Queer Dads On Their Recent Births!

It's our favorite time of the month — when we get to congratulate all the new gay, bi and trans dads in our communities, and those who expanded their families! Please join us in giving a hearty GWK round of applause to the follow queer men whose houses are a bit fuller this month with tiny new humans:

Dads Jorge and Oswaldo Welcome Baby Martina — New Jersey


Dads Jorge and Oswaldo recently became first-time dads! They currently live in New Jersey, but pursued their journey through international surrogacy, and ended up working with a mother in Colombia.

Their baby is currently two months old, and growing up so quickly!

So far, the best part of fatherhood for the pair has been the unconditional love. "It's surprising how much we were able to love someone in only one second!"

"We would like to encourage everyone to dream high. We dreamed big and nor we are living with our most wanted gift!"

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Dads Bart and Dave Welcome Baby Reece — [New York City, NY]


Bart and Dave recently became dads again through surrogacy.

"This time around was a lot harder than our first surrogacy journey! It was an emotional rollercoaster, filled with three failed transfers and miscarriages. Luckily, our new baby came into this world and we're so lucky to have him. Holding him for the first time was magical."

"As other parents warned, the first week back with our new baby Reece, Sloane demanded more attention. And she sometimes ignored him. But we brought her into Reece’s routine everyday, helping us with feedings and diaper changes, which changed her tune quickly. Now she greets him every morning and night with a big smooch."

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Dads David and Richard Welcome Baby Boy Quito, Ecuador


After nine years together, David and Richard decided four years ago that they wanted to be dads.

Three months ago, that dream became a reality! The pair live in Quito, Ecuador and are ecstatic that their hard work has finally paid off.

David shared, "there has been an unconditional love borne from our hearts, there is a need for us to protect our baby. There were days when we thought it wasn't going to happen, but after we saw our baby's fact for the first time, everything changed and our parenting instinct came to light."

They became dads through surrogacy, and said: "We live in a country where they are not used to seeing gay families, and we are the first homo-parental family in Ecuador. There are many challenges for the three of us here, but with love everything is possible."

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Dads Vladimir and Michal Welcome Twins — Prague, Czech Republic


Dads Vladimir and Michal (and big sister Eliska) have some big news!

The dads recently welcomed twins through the same surrogate as their daughter!

They are so excited to have gotten lucky with twins, and couldn't be happier (and more filled with love) to grow their family.

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Dads Horst and Manuel Welcome a Baby Girl — Altmühlthal, Germany


These new dads hail from Germany, and recently completed their surrogacy journey here in the US.

They shared, "We've been dreaming of being a family for at least five years now, and it finally worked out. Now that we have our baby girl, 'Little one' it's impossible to ever be unhappy again."

Being from Germany, the dads have had some international struggles along the way. "We've faced some hurdles since we're from Germany and corona came up during this. But we have the best surrogate and the best relationship with her that we could possible have. We live with her in her house and are already a part of her family!"

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Dads Ryan and Sean Welcome a Baby Boy — Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia


Dads Ryan and Sean are from Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. Despite general regulations restricting what we know as "formal surrogacy," the couple persisted and recently welcomed their baby boy!

They shared, "Ever since I was a teenager, I've had this desire to become a father. Well, the desire is finally a reality. So yes, dreams do come true."

Back in 2014, the pair began researching surrogacy. In 2018, they created and froze 10 embryos. in 2019, they found a surrogate. And in late 2020, they became dads.

"There is nothing else in the world that can compare to seeing and holding your child for the first time. Words cannot express how grateful we are to have met our surrogate. She has been so generous and cared for us as if we were her own family"

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Dads Sean and Spencer Welcome Daughter Quinn — New Jersey


Sean and Spencer began the surrogacy journey just before the pandemic took hold.

This was their second surrogacy journey, their first one brought them twin boys. "The adjustment to first-time parenthood mixed with the overwhelming feelings of taking care of twins had its ups and downs. Our second journey is a singleton, so immediately it feels different. As parents, we are more secure and content, which helps a lot in the overall experience."

The dads were only allowed to attend a few of the prenatal appointments due to COVID restrictions, so they had to figure out how to connect with their surrogate virtually.

"When we originally started planning for surrogacy again, one of the big things was that our twins would get to witness the pregnancy and be able to see the power in surrogacy firsthand. We shifted this to a virtual experience and also showing them photos/etc to make sure they understood that their sibling was coming so it wouldn’t be an abrupt transition."

"Every step of the way, Circle Surrogacy (our agency), the hospital, and our surrogate made every part of this journey as smooth as possible during unprecedented times and we are so lucky and grateful to have welcomed our beautiful daughter into our worlds on April 30th, 2021."

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Dads Ian and Jaime Welcome Baby Diana — Shoreline, Washington


Say hey to Ian and Jamie live in Shoreline, WA. They recently became first-time dads to their newborn daughter!

The pair became fathers through surrogacy. They shared, "We are constantly surprised by how much love we could give to this little girl. Our lives changed instantly the moment she was born."

"Watching her take her little breaths, make her little coo-ing sounds and funny faces, and even the cries, absolutely fill out hearts!"

"If you're thinking of becoming a parent, don't wait for the "right time." Just do it!"

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Dads Graham and Brad Welcome Their Second Child, Baby Tegan!


Both of their children were born through surrogacy, "with the most incredible women." Brad continued, "This time, it was a friend of ours, Jenn, who we'd gotten to know through our gym and reconnected when we both had babies (actually she once donated breastmilk to us)! She asked us a bunch of questions about surrogacy and then a few months later said she wanted to be our surrogate! How incredible is that?!"

The dads and Jenn didn't to see each other during the entire pregnancy, apart from the transfer, due to COVID and living in different cities.

"We travelled to their city which is 9 hours away a few days before the scheduled c-section and stay at Jenn and her wife Kayla's place. We hung out for the weekend and then Monday morning dropped off our toddlers at childcare and all 4 of us headed to the hospital and our daughter Tegan Bradlee was born at 10:54 am. The most incredible thing about the whole process was we became amazing friends and truly family."

"The first time around the hardest part is being a new parent. The schedule and learning curve is so intense. The second time everything has been so much easier and as Kael is not even 2, we still remember the drill 😉 We are so blessed with amazing women that have made it possible for us to be parents. It truly taken a village, a wonderful Gay & Lesbian village so grow our family."

"Tegan & Kael, we are so incredible grateful to have you as our kids ❤️"

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