"Our Own Miracle": Congrats to These Gay Dads on Recent Births and Adoptions

Happy New Year GWK Community! It's been an exciting and busy January, especially for the gay dad families across the world who recently welcomed their bundles of joy (a few of them multiples!)


Thomas and Reece with their son Hugo; Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

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Dads Thomas and Reece started the surrogacy process shortly after tying the knot in summer 2019.

"We never factored in a pandemic, an unsuccessful insemination, and a miscarriage (all in 2020), but a year can make a massive difference!" Thomas said. "On December 10, 2021, we welcomed our beautiful baby boy into the world."

The dads said holding baby Hugo for the first time was "a surreal experience."

"We knew all the pain, waiting, and anticipation was worth it," Reece added.

This family said they hope to inspire and educate the world with their story. "Whatever your path to parenthood, walk it with pride!"

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Logan and John with their twins; Oberlin, Ohio

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Dads Logan and John wanted to adopt twins, despite knowing that it was a "statistical improbability."

While the pandemic threw several twists into their journey, the couple persisted. The dads described the dreaded anxiety of waiting for "the call."

"On June 15, 2021, we got it! We found out that a birth mom just outside of Milwaukee chose us, and she was having twins due in December," Logan said. "The call seemed surreal. It didn’t take us long to accept the match and our communication with the birth mom began. She is an amazing person and kept us informed along the way!"

Holding their babies for the first time, they dads said they couldn’t stop smiling behind their masks. "We felt so full and so happy. Nothing else in that moment mattered. They instantly became our world," John said. "Nothing can compare to the feeling of having a newborn fall asleep on your chest. It is simple, pure, and the most magical moment in life."

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David and Cédric with their twins; Paris, France

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David and Cédric were overjoyed to welcome their boy-and-girl twins in September 2021. The babies were born via surrogacy in Houston, Texas, and are now back home with their dads in France.

The first time the couple said they felt like dads was when they got the chance to cut the babies' umbilical cords in the delivery room. Then, they said everything changed.

"For maybe the first time ever, you care about somebody else more than you care about yourself," the dads said. 

"Their happiness, their health, their sense of well-being and personal security, is more important than your own. You would give up everything for them, without even a second thought."

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Kevin and Eric with their triplets; Michigan

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Kevin and Eric met in Scotland while Eric was finishing his PhD. Early on in the relationship, they knew they wanted to be dads.

"We moved to the US about five years ago to Michigan, where we transferred one embryo and it split... and split... and split again, giving us identical triplets." That's right, TRIPLETS!

The dads said never in their wildest dreams did they imagine this would happen, as the chances are less than one in a million. Now, they say they simply can't imagine life without their three beautiful girls.

To other dads considering surrogacy, Kevin and Eric advise being open about a fatherhood journey with your community, and to let people know your goals.

"We met our surrogate through a friend. If we hadn't been so open about wanting to start a family, we would never have met her!"

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Daniel and Enrique with their son Aiden; Barcelona, Spain

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Spanish dads Daniel and Enrique became dads through surrogacy in July, 2021 thanks to their "wonderful and incredible" surrogate, Jessie

"The moment we saw our son being born, everything was erased from our heads and we were the happiest parents in the world," Daniel said. "Becoming dads gave us emotions that were very difficult to explain. You have to experience it to know how wonderful it is!" 

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Matt and Ryan with their son; Austin, Texas


Matt and Ryan decided on becoming dads in the summer of 2019. Ryan said Matt's sister was "amazing" and offered her egg, so they knew that surrogacy was the right path for them.

After many conversations, the Texas dads-to-be elected to go through Circle Surrogacy.

"Having both dads in the delivery room for the birth of our son was magical, especially during COVID-19 protocols," Ryan said. "The doctor also let Matt assist in the delivery... That's a moment we'll treasure for the rest of our lives."

The dads said the last few months with their son have been beyond what they could have imagined. "He’s truly already an integral piece of our family that we had been missing, and we are so excited to raise this young child to be an amazing man!"

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Ben and Ash with their daughter Harper; Melbourne, Australia 

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Melbourne couple Ben and Ash have been together for 15 years, and they started their surrogacy journey more than five years ago. Unfortunately, their first two rounds of IVF were unsuccessful, and the dads lost hope after investing so much money.

Then, an opportunity arose in mid-2020, and the dads soon became pregnant. They finally welcomed their daughter Harper on December 29th, 2021.

The couple were both present when Harper was being born, which they called "the most incredible experience" of their lives.

"The moment I saw Harper for the first time, I experienced a wave of emotion unlike anything I had ever experienced before," Ash said. "Holding her for the first time was so emotional, staring at her thinking how lucky we are to have this beautiful little baby in our arms. Our surrogate was incredible and there were many happy tears from all. Ben and I could not stop staring at our little baby girl."

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Yaniv and Avishai and their daughter Rio; Tel Aviv, Israel


Yaniv and Avishai began their journey to fatherhood four years ago. When the matching process started taking more than two years, Yaniv took a chance and posted their story on a Facebook group dedicated to intended parents and surrogates.

"There we met Marcie, our amazing angel," Yaniv said of their surrogate. "We fell I love from the first sight, and here we are 14 months later, in Raleigh, North Carolina holding our own miracle."

Baby Rio was born in Jacksonville, North Carolina, on January 11, 2022 with her proud and doting dads excited to finally hold her.

"We believe in Walt Disney phrase 'If you can dream it you can do it.' When we held Rio we understood that it happened because our faith and determination." 

Their advice to others: "It's a long journey, never give up, never stop believing."

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Rom and Kobi with their son Evyatar; Tel Aviv


Rom and Kobi said their son Evyatar is their "rainbow baby."

The dads began their journey in January 2019. Sadly, their last pregnancy had to be terminated at week 17.

This time, the entire process was done thousands of miles apart as the dads live in Israel and their gestational surrogate lives in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

On January 5th, 2022 the couple became dads, welcoming little Evyatar.

"Holding our son for the first time was the most amazing and precious moment we could ever dream of. This little guy made our heart so big in every and each day."

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Justin and Mikey with their son Dean; Wilmington, Delaware


Wilmington couple Justin and Mikey said they knew they wanted kids since they met in 2009.

"We spent our 20’s saving, knowing it would likely be a huge undertaking," Justin said. "We got exceptionally lucky when a family friend told us she wanted to carry for us!"

The pandemic pushed everything back about a year for the husbands, but it ended up working out in the end when their son Dean was born on October 21, 2021.

"Holding him took our breath away. It was the most wild change and most intense rush of love we’ve ever felt," Mikey said. "It was also a huge release as we’d been on edge the entire pregnancy just hoping nothing would go wrong."

"We never thought this would be attainable," Justin added. "But now that we made it happen and he’s here, we’d go through all the stress again, and we plan to!"

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Jimmy and David with their son Sebastian; Los Angeles, California


L.A. husbands Jimmy and David chose the adoption route to become dads. Their path to parenthood wasn't easy.

"We matched early on with a mother, and she suffered a miscarriage at 35 weeks," Jimmy explained. "We also experienced a couple 'emotional scammers' and were beyond fed up, so started the IVF process. The day we met with our fertility doctor we matched with another birth mom."

The dads said the journey was well worth the outcome, because they know all of it was meant to be, in order for them to be with their son. "He found us and we found him," David said. 

The dads say their son's birth mother is amazing, brave and beautiful. Jimmy recalled the moment their son came into the world; "When he was born, the nurses said I jumped up on a chair to get a better view, although I don't remember this at all! And then they handed him to me and I lost it. He opened his eyes and looked at me, and it was love at first sight."

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Florian and his son; Orlando, Florida


Florian grew up in France. When he realized he was gay, he said he knew instantly that being a dad was out of the question until he moved to the USA. Then, with a lot of hard work and sacrifices, he was able to achieve his dream of being a dad.

Florian welcomed his son on December 5th ,2021 via surrogacy and IVF. He described holding his baby for the first time as "surreal."

"I could not compute that this was my son," he said.

Florian also had some very kind words for GWK: "I would like to thank you for creating the page and showing to everyone that love is love and being gay and a dad is something magical." 

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John and Brian are getting ready to welcome their second child; Burlington, Canada


Canadian husbands John and Brian decided 3 years ago that they wanted a baby. They said they felt incredibly lucky when a family member offered to be their first surrogate, bringing their son Weston into their lives.

Fast forward 2 years, the dads decided they wanted to grow their family once again.

"This time around, we looked to our social networks to find a new surrogate. We were so thankful when a friend-of-a-friend saw our post online and offered to be our surrogate. We are now pregnant once again with a baby coming in July 2022!"

Weston is super excited to have a new baby arriving soon. The dads said he still can't decide if he wants a brother or sister, and "he changes his mind every day!"

Congrats dads! We look forward to sharing your photos as a family of four soon!

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