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"An Indescribable Feeling." Congrats to Gay Dads on Their Recent Births and Adoptions!

It's our favorite time of the month — when we get to congratulate all the new gay, bi and trans dads in our communities, and those who expanded their families! Please join us in giving a hearty GWK round of applause to the following queer men whose houses are a bit fuller this month:

Andre & Jonny with Baby Julian; Stoughton, MA


Dads Andre and Jonny welcomed their first child, Julian, on October 18th, 2021. "We originally started down the path to become foster parents," Andrew told us. "Shortly after this, Jonathan’s cousin’s fiancé, came to us one day and offered to be our surrogate to help us complete our family, right out of the blue."

After some research the dads came across a company called Mosie Baby that helps with home insemination. After careful planning and legal research, the dads underwent the first attempt in January. "Then found out we were pregnant on Valentine’s Day!" Andre said. "Fast forward to October, Julian Arrived!"

Holding Julian for the first time was "completely surreal," Andre added. "We did the skin-to-skin method, and it was an instant bond. We never knew you could love a little being so much and so hard. Once our eyes locked it just felt meant to be."

We are forever grateful to our surrogate and thankful to have her as part of our lives forever.

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Dads Michael & Chad Welcome Baby Keaton; Baltimore, Maryland


Dads Michael and Chad welcome their first son, Keaton, on August 22, 2021, through surrogacy — thanks to an anonymous embryo donor and a close friend, Karen, who served as the couple's gestational carrier. 

"We were so very fortunate to have a close friend offer to be a surrogate for us," Michael said. "We knew that this path would be financially challenging but having a known surrogate helps out a lot. Karen was always going to be a friend for life but after this journey, we’ve becoming something more than that. Now we’re family and we look forward to our annual trips to Disney World with both of our families!"

Michael said he first felt like a "dad" in the moments after Keaton was born. "When I called the pediatrician’s office to make Keaton’s first appointment, I referenced him as 'my son,' he said. ”. It was the first time I ever said it out loud and it hit me hard that I actually had a son and started to tear up as I continued my conversation with the pediatrician’s office.

Chad wasn’t able to be in the operating room with Michael and Karen during the birth. But after Keaton was born, Michael wheeled the baby boy into our recovery room. "At that moment Chad was talking to our carrier’s husband and as I approached him with our son, he said everything suddenly stopped and nothing else mattered in the world," Michael said. "We all of a sudden had a son and everything changed from that moment on."

A couple months into fatherhood and the dads say they love seeing their son change every single day. "Not only in appearance and facial features but in personality where little bright lights of Keaton shine through and there’s always a new thing each day," Michael said. "Right now, he’s super engaging with lots of smiles and coos. Fatherhood is an indescribable feeling that just feels so right when you’re in it!"

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Dads Carlos & Patrick Welcome Baby Maison; New York, NY


Carlos and Patrick have been together for seven years and married for two. They started their journey in February of 2020 with our consultation with Dr. Leondires at RMA of Connecticut. Covid-19 slowed things down a bit with embryo creation but the dads were ready to look for a surrogate and signed with Circle Surrogacy in May 2020. Carlos and Patrick matched with their wonderful surrogate in November 2020. They did a double embryo transfer on March 1st and found out one embryo stuck. Overall had a pretty smooth pregnancy until their surrogate tested positive for Covid-19 at 30 weeks. But, she received monoclonal antibody treatments and recovered well.

On the day of Maison's birth they were lucky enough to be allowed into the operating room for the c-section. In the room were their surrogate’s husband and them. They were allowed to take photos and videos and savored every moment. The couple says that  "seeing her be born was amazing and getting to hold her was overwhelming. I wanted to make sure our surrogate could see her so I sat close with Maison my arms. It was an amazingly beautiful moment.". We are so happy for these lovely dads, congratulations Carlos and Patrick!

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Dads Matthew & Stephen Welcome Babies Meadow and Augustine; Washington


Matthew and Stephen are now dads to three beautiful children after the delivery of twins on October 31st, 2021. The couple has now gone through multiple surrogacy journeys and has truly felt like they have experienced it all, the lows and the highs. Matthew and Stephen say they were lucky to have an amazing tribe of people who supported them throughout their journeys to fatherhood.

The couple used two different known surrogates who were friends before their journey and say they can't thank them enough for giving them the greatest gift you can ask for... the gift of life. They say that "holding our children for the first time is something that cannot be fully captured in words. It’s simply the best thing we have ever experienced and would go through all the struggles we have been through a 1000 times over to make this happen".

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Dads Avi & Elad Welcome Their Second Child; Israel


Avi and Elad are dads from Ramat Gan, Israel and have been together for over seven years.

The couple had previously gone through a surrogacy journey with their first son a few years ago and wanted to continue to grow their family. The couple says that each surrogacy journey is unique and that even if you think you know everything, you can always learn more. 

Unlike their previous journey, this time around the couple had to deal with the impacts of Covid-19 on the surrogacy industry. With more restrictions and less face to face interactions, they felt that this journey took much longer.

Surrogacy is expensive, but there are ways to help offset some of those costs. Avi and Elad created a fundraiser which really helped them out on their journey. The couple had a close connection with their surrogate and are truly grateful for everything she did for them. They love being dads and have noticed how their relationship has grown since becoming parents.

Alo and Elad's advice for intended parents is that dreams do come true, just keep believing!

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Dads Tyler & Dominic Announce Their Second Child; San Francisco, CA


Proud papas Tyler and Dominic from San Francisco, California, recently announced that baby number two is on the way! The couple joked saying that they "always wanted two under two, sounds easy and not at all stressful", but obviously the couple is thrilled and can't wait to experience a sibling journey. 

The couple's road to fatherhood was lengthy and required a lot of moving parts. In total they have used three egg donors, 3 three surrogates and over three years in total to have their first son, Beau, in June 2020. Luckily this second journey has been much smoother for them, the screening, contracts, and transfer were completed in less than three months and the first embryo transfer was a success.

Tyler and Dominic have been prepping Beau about his important new role as a big brother and reading him children's books to help prepare him for his sisters arrival in January or 2022!

We are so excited for Tyler and Dominic and can't wait to see their family grow!

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Dads Steve and Phil Welcome Their First Child; London, UK 


Steve and Phil welcomed their daughter Anna in August this year through surrogacy.

"Welcoming Anna into our lives has been the best and all we had hoped for; we feel so lucky to have met our surrogate and her amazing family and are so grateful for everything they have done for us," said Phil.

The dads described Anna's birth as "joyous" and a "privilege" to be present. "I think that first cuddle with Anna in hospital was when it fully sank in."

The new family are thriving together and the doting dads are enjoying all the little noises Anna makes when she’s half asleep.

Their advice to other dads considering surrogacy: "[There will be] lots of ups and downs along the way, it can be a long process but never give up and it will be worth it in the end."

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Dads Devin and Christion Welcome Their First Child; Phoenix, AZ

Devin and Christion always wanted kids. The Phoenix dads shared that adoption runs in both of their families. In fact, Christion was adopted himself!

"We wanted an opportunity to bring a little one into a login home."

They matched with a birth mom in September and were dads in October... of this year! 

"When we got the call that Caleb was born, we grabbed our go-bags and were out of the house in five minutes! We walked into the hospital room and there he was, our little boy. The birth mom handed him to me first and I burst out in tears," Christion shared. "I felt every emotion at once. Our little boy was finally a reality! I could not stop staring at his face." 

"I handed him over to Devin. You could see the emotion he was feeling. I knew immediately that he was going to be an amazing father."

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