"With Infinite Love and a Sea of ​​Emotions": Congrats to These Gay Dads

Congratulations to all these queer dad families growing through adoption and surrogacy!

Nelly and Nick with Tatum, Sydney, Australia

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"We are just over the moon."

On March 21 in Greenville, North Carolina, Sydney dads Nelly and Nick welcomed their son via surrogacy and IVF. 

"After 12 years together we were matched with the most amazing surrogate here in the US who has been our absolute hero. We have been so blessed in our journey to fatherhood. We were both lucky enough to be there for Tatum’s arrival and the tears were plentiful."

"To say that we are smitten, would be the world's greatest understatement"

The dads worked with Tammuz Australia.


Ryan and Brandon with Palmer, Charlottesville, Virginia

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Ryan and Brandon made it clear early on that they both wanted kids.

"We meet each other at a wonderful bar called Tinder 😉 in 2016. On our second date, Brandon asked me if I wanted kids. While a risky question, it warmed my heart, as having a child was something I had always wanted."

After five wonderful years together, the couple began the process of becoming dads through surrogacy and IVF. "It was a journey for sure and our rockstar surrogate gave birth to our baby girl Palmer Joy on April 7th."

"Seeing her for the first time was a rush of love and joy we had never felt. Our teenage selves would have never imagined we would have been afforded the opportunity to love, raise and hold our own baby girl. We are so very thankful and a little tired."


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David and Ryan with Daxton, Long Island, New York

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"We’ve always wanted kids of our own."

David and Ryan welcomed their son Daxton through open adoption in Texas on May 2nd this year.

"We had such an amazing and emotional adoption journey. Daxton’s incredible birth mother contacted us in January, and we talked every day until birth. We both flew down to Texas a couple days prior to her delivery date (May 2nd) to get to know her and her family. The relationship we created together felt like we knew each other for years. That was such a comforting experience that we will cherish forever. Ryan went into the operating room while Daxton was born."


Mark and Eoin with Aria, NYC, New York

"Surrogacy is definitely not the easiest path to becoming a parent, but looking back we wouldn’t do it any other way."

Mark and Eoin are originally from Ireland but now live in New York City. They decided to move forward with their surrogacy journey independent of an agency to have more control over the process and save some money. "We found our gestational carrier on Facebook, and about 18 months later our perfect little girl was born."

It wasn’t all smooth sailing though. At 17 weeks, they lost one of their twins, Shane. Thankfully Aria was fine, and other than swollen ankles and a lot of heartburn for their gestational carrier, the rest of the pregnancy was uneventful. "Aria Sadie O’Looney Cannon was born at 5:49 pm on June 3rd 2022 and she is perfect."

"I think we thought that we’d hold her and it would all feel real, but it didn’t. She was way too perfect, it felt too good to be true. For the first few days it felt like a dream. It’s only now that we’ve had her for nearly 2 weeks that it’s starting to feel real. Her Daddy and Papa love her so much and we can’t wait to be by her side as she grows." 📸 by @woven.photo


Dustin and Steven with Margot and Lola, Madison, Wisconsin

Dustin and Steven became dads to their eldest daughter Margot in 2019 through open adoption. Three years later, they grew their family again by adoption when they welcomed Lola, who was born April 30th.

"We took placement of Lola within hours of birth, which was a new experience compared to our first adoption. Despite different ages and circumstances, holding each of our daughters for the first time was surreal and humbling. Staying in the hospital with Lola and experiencing the medical decision-making was incomparable and exciting."

Their advice to others considering adoption? "Be patient! Adoption can be a roller coaster of emotions and timelines!"


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Josh and Danny with Dash, Orlando, Florida

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On the 20th of June, dads Josh and Danny finalized the adoption of their son, Dash, in Orlando, Florida.

"What a way to celebrate Pride month! This amazing child has stolen our hearts and we are so proud to be called Papi and Daddy. Our journey has been a long one, but it’s been worth every step of the way because it means we three are together."

We're thrilled for this forever family of three!


Sladjan and Søren with Matteo, Denmark


"It is with infinite love and a sea of ​​emotions that we share the news that on the 4th of June we finally became fathers to our very own wonderful boy, Matteo."

New dads Sladjan and Søren are from Denmark. 🇩🇰  
"Everything is so new for us in parenting. The best part so far is the unconditional love we have for this little human." 💕  

"The fact that we are no longer just Søren and I - but are a family - is a dream come true1."

@sladjansehested @ssehes


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