Christian and Charlie with their kids

Christian and Charlie Created Their Family Through Surrogacy

Husbands Christian and Charlie Grau-Huynh live in Washington, DC, with their twin boys born through surrogacy and IVF. 

Having kids was an early conversation in their relationship. Fortunately, they learned that they were both on the same page.


In terms of choosing surrogacy as their path to fatherhood, the dads share that, "We'd had friends that went through adoption, and while most worked out well, we'd seen our share of intended parents that were disappointed when something fell through or when they were faced with other difficulties. On top of that, it was important to us to have biological connections within our family, so surrogacy was our obvious choice."

The search for an egg donor was one of the most stressful parts of the process for the couple. "This was partly because it was the first step we took, but also because of the gravity of choosing half of our children's genetic material."


After months spent pouring over hundreds of profiles from dozens of agencies, the couple found a donor and were able to move forward confidently with their surrogacy journey.

"Our first few months as parents were not typical, as the boys were in the NICU for four and six months. They went through the extremes of premature birth experiences and outcomes."

When both boys finally came home, the dads hired a home healthcare worker, which made the transition much easier. 

What's the biggest piece of advice they can share with hopeful fathers? "Be prepared to hurry up and wait. There isn't much in the surrogacy journey that happens quickly. First, you'll need to find the right egg donor, then wait to match with a surrogate, wait for medical clearance, wait for legal clearance, wait for cycle timing and medications before implantation, wait to see if the implantation was successful, then wait through the pregnancy. It's a good exercise in developing patience, which is a very useful skill for any parent!" 

According to the couple, "seeing your little ones learn new things and develop their own personalities is the best part of parenthood. It's a joy every time we see either of them use a new word, make a new song, interact with a new person." 


The dads also shared that, "...after having kids, you have to arrange your life around their schedules. Not that that's a bad thing. For us, spending time with the kids is what we most enjoy now! But our life now is certainly very different than our pre-kid life."

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