Children of Gay Parents, Photographed for All to See

A series of huge portraits of the kids hangs on the outer walls of a shipping container right outside Sidney City Hall. The photos, by Casey Legler and Jez Smith, were shot just a week after the controversy erupted over the 2015 film "Gayby Baby."

While the debate on same-sex parenting rages on, one key voice rarely makes an appearance. The group at the center of it all, children of gay parents, usually only appears as a set of statistics: Social well-being. Physical health. Scholastic performance.

Yet, those children are real people — most with perfectly functional vocal chords.

With "Gayby Baby," director Maya Newell, the daughter of lesbian parents, seeks to offer a window into the lives of kids like her. The film follows four kids with gay parents over three and a half years. (Read our 2015 interview with Newell here.)

Possibly non-existent parent complaints at Newell's alma mater, Burwood Girls High School, led to a nationwide ban on showing the film during school hours. The ban placed “Gayby Baby" in headlines worldwide.

Now, the images and words of her documentary subjects are visible to anyone who walks by.

“It’s the best possible visible spot in the whole city,” she says. “That’s what’s wonderful about public art – it’s accessible to everyone.”


Feature image from “Gayby Baby” Facebook Page 

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