Guncles Day 2021

Check Out These Amazing Guncles With Their Nieces & Nephews

Many of us may have a favorite uncle. We might even have a fun uncle, or a “Funcle.” But there’s something just a little bit more fabulous about having a gay uncle, or Guncle, in your life.

The second Sunday in August is National Guncle’s Day, when we get to celebrate all the incredible gay, bi and trans men who adore and care for the children in their extended families.

Many gay uncles say they want to be prominent in their nephews and nieces’ lives so they grow up knowing there is nothing wrong with being gay. 

Bruno in Portugal

33-year-old Portuguese dancer and yoga teacher Bruno Morais said he tries to spend as much time as he can with his 1-year-old niece Laura.


“My sister lives in the same building as my parents,” he explained. “So whenever I go to see my parents, I put Laura to sleep, feed her, play with her, sing to her, play instruments, dance, fool around, read her books, carry her around while I cook, or simply stare out the window.”


Bruno said he’s not looking to have kids of his own, but he loves to spend time with Laura and he cherishes the relationship they’re now building together. He also thinks it’s important for gay men to be “present” with their neices and nephews.

“Allow them to grow up with you around,” Bruno said. “So that later, 'gay' won't be anything weird or unknown or scary or different.”

Cliff in French Polynesia

39-year-old Cliff is a flight attendant based in French Polynesia. Whenever he gets back from a week away at work, Cliff makes sure to spend lots of time showering his nieces 6-year-old Aimy and 2-year-old Rachel with love.


“Being the fun uncle is great,” Cliff said. “But being like a third parent figure in my nieces’ life is more rewarding. I am there for the fun times of course, but also, when they need to be taught kindness and love. I encourage them to become good people, and I support them in all they do.”


Stay tuned for Cliff’s story later this week.

Nic in Orlando, Florida

30-year-old Nic Baynum from Orlando, Fla. said being a Guncle makes him really excited to one day be a father.


“I love getting to see my nephews grow and learn new things every day,” Nic said. “I have two biological nephews. But I am called 'Guncle' by 6 little ones.”

Terence and Chris in Singapore

Terence Lim and Chris Chen are Guncles in Singapore. Terence said they love to spend time with his sister-in-law’s two kids.


“I like being able to spoil them rotten, and have their parents deal with the consequences,” Terence laughed.

Giuseppe in Naples, Italy

Giuseppe Pollio is a 34-year-old Guncle to three kids in Naples, Italy. 


Giuseppe said he makes sure to teach his nieces and nephews about inclusivity, and how to be nice to other people.

Christion in Tempe Arizona

39-year-old Guncle Christion Smalley lives in Tempe, Arizona, where he loves to spend time with his nephews.


“I love being a Guncle because it makes me proud to see them grow up and accept everyone,” Christion said.

Johnny in Lima, Perú

Guncle Johnny Luna lives in Lima, Perú, and enjoys spending lots of time with his nephews.


The 36-year-old said the best part about being an uncle is “I can take care of them without them being mine!”

Steven in California

California-based author Steven Rowley has five nieces and nephews on the east coast, who he loves to lavish with gifts whenever he flies home to visit.

In fact, Steven’s relationships as a Guncle have all been so special to him that he has written a book entitled “The Guncle,” which is now being made into a movie by Lionscape. Read more here.


Colton and Clinton in Palm Beach, Florida

In Palm Beach, Florida, 28-year-old Colton Howard and his husband 38-year-old Clinton love hanging out with their 12 nieces and nephews, and their five great-nieces and great-nephews!


“I love being able to watch our nieces and nephews grow and experience the joys of the world,” Colton said.

Edgar and Ryan in Frisco, Texas

Edgar, 31, and Ryan, 34, have five nieces and nephews in total; two on Edgar's side of the family and three on Ryan’s side.

"We love spending time with them and spoiling them. We don’t get to see them as often as we’d like since they all live pretty far but we make the best of the time we have with them."

Jonathan and Jimmy in San Diego, California

Jonathan and Jimmy have two nieces and one nephew.


"We love being role models for them, helping teach them life lessons, and spoiling them of course."

Hely in Caracas, Venezula

38-year-old Guncle Hely Olivares, who lives in Caracas, Venezuela, said he just loves to learn from his nieces and nephews.


"They provide such a fresh, uncomplicated and honest view of life and family," Hely said. "It reminds me every day of the things that are truly important."

Miguel and Algin in Houston, Texas

Algin and Miguel love being Guncles to the little ones in their lives. The couple live in Houston, Texas.


"We get to play with them, dress up and teach them above love, kindness, and inclusivity!"

Michael and Shane in Tampa, Florida

Michael and Shane, 34 and 36 respectively, live in Florida and are dotting gay uncles to their twin nieces.


Steeve in France

Steeve was nominated by his friends at as the "best Guncle" to their twins. 


And we see why! 😍

Luis and Fernando in Ecuador

Luis and Fernando are dads themselves but they still take their title of Guncles very seriously.


"We have our niece Isabella, and she was our inspiration and the final kick to decide to become parents!"

Corey in Sydney, Australia

Corey from down under is a proud Guncle to his niece. "I love watching my niece grow up and learn about life. Those special moments, with real happiness..."


"Plus it gives me an excuse to act like a big kid and do crazy things - like jump around at the trampoline park!"

Michael in Southern California

Michael unfortunately doesn't live near his nieces and nephews so he doesn't see them nearly enough. But when he does, he makes every moment count!


Michael is closest with his adult niece who is also gay. In total, he has three nieces and six nephews, but also 18 great-nieces and nephews!! 

Tres in Dallas, Texas

29-year-old Tres loves his role as a Guncle and has both nieces and nephews in his life.

"I love being able to spoil them and then give them back to their parents." 
Fred in Florida
Fred, 74, has been in a relationship for 51 years, and married for 6 years. Fred wished that he was able to adopt when he was younger, but as of now, he is a Guardian ad Litem volunteer. "I have one child in foster care and another who is transitioning FTM."


 The above photo shows Fred, second from left, with his niece and nephews.

Posted by Brit Smith

Brit Smith is a Staff Writer & Associate Editor at GWK. A native of London, England, Brit started her American adventure nannying and waiting tables in Texas in 2006, and eventually graduated magna cum laude from the University of California, Berkeley in 2017. Brit has previously written and created podcasts for WBZ NewsRadio, iHeart Media, and Different Leaf.

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