Celebrating June!

June is turning out to be an exciting month in our home. Both my husband and I celebrate June birthdays, it’s the first day of summer, we get to celebrate Father’s Day, and last week, our adoption of our son Micah was finalized!

The road to finalizing the adoption of our son has been a long one. – it has taken us almost 9 months to get this point. If I had one bit of advice to give to adoptive dads based on our experience, it would be to plan on the entire process taking longer than expected. But, we have finally reached this last milestone!

We are looking forward to our first Father’s Day together. We have been thinking about how we want to make this day special for our family. Right now, Micah is turning 9 months old. He’s not going to remember this first Father’s Day with my husband and me, which gives us a little more leeway in how we plan for this special day. As we discussed the holiday, we realized that, for us, Father’s Day is not about recognizing the contribution of one person, but about how we have become a family. Thinking ahead to how we will create our traditions, we decided that we don’t want another day with gifts. Instead, we are going to start a tradition of doing something as family. This year we’re thinking of going to the park, taking a walk, and enjoying the beautiful Kentucky weather we are experiencing.

I would love to know how you all are celebrating Father’s Day this year. What traditions have you established for your families? How do you make this day special for you and your husband? I can’t wait to hear all about the ways that fathers are being recognized this weekend! Happy Father's Day!

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