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Celebrate Veteran's Day with These Gay Dad Military Families

Happy Veteran's Day! To celebrate the many gay dads in our community who have served in the military — some, for years, under the discriminatory Don't Ask Don't Tell policy that prohibited them from doing so openly — we've rounded up several of the profiles we've done on gay dad veterans in our community. Check them out below. 

Out and Proud: Nurse Johnathon and Army Doctor Joshua


That military dads Johnathon and Joshua's paths crossed at all is pretty remarkable — fourteen years ago, Josh, 42, a medical doctor in the army, was stationed in Fort Lewis, Washington at the same time that Johnathon, 43, was a travel nurse in the area. Even more remarkable was their experience navigating the adoption process during the Clinton-era Don't Ask Don't Tell policy that prevented them from living openly. Read their story here. 

Signs of Gay Life Near Altus Air Force Base, Oklahoma


Altus, with a population of 20,000, and the home of a large Air Force base, isn’t exactly what you would call rural living. But Kenny and Greg know no other gay parents in town, or even that many gay people. But that the military family can today live out and proud today is still a marvel for these gay dads — Greg was discharged under the Don't Ask Don't Tell policy. Read their story here. 

Do Ask, Do Tell: An Interview With a Gay and Out Military Dad


Captain Chris Armijo, a gay dad with 17 years of experience in the Army, tells us what life is like for him and his family in the post-Don't Ask Don't Tell world — and about his journey to fatherhood, aided in no small part by two friends who offered to be his surrogate and egg donor. Read his story here. 

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