Catching Up with Chris and Parker

Almost a year ago we brought you the story of Christopher and Parker, two young married dads with a son, Liam. From trips to Disneyland world to getting down at dance parties, turns out these dads have been busy since we last spoke! The family shared some pics of their recent adventures to help catch us up. Enjoy!

Christopher and Parker in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

The guys in Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

Christopher (with Wendy Elenas) and Parker at the Electric Daisy Carnival, a massive dance party

Parker and Christopher in New Orleans, with St. Louis Cathedral in the background

Parker and his son Liam paddleboarding on Lake Las Vegas

Christopher and Parker during a night on the town with Christopher's parents, Kellie and Chris Labine

Christopher and Parker (center) at their bachelor party at Hakkasan Nightclub in Las Vegas, where Christopher works

Christopher, Parker and Liam in Disneyland with their friends Jonathan (next to Parker) and Aaron Ferrara (next to Christopher)

The Graves-Labine family and some of their friends meeting Tigger! Top row, left to right: Charles Cutshall with his daughter Adriana; Britney, with daughter Chloe in front; Tigger; Liam's mom Ashley; Parker; Katie Cutshall (married to Charles). Bottom row, left to right: Anna Wilkerson; Katie's other daughter Ava (with Minnie ears); Liam; and Christopher.

Parker, Liam and Christopher having a great time

Christopher and Parker in Hollywood

The family visiting the Hoover Dam, on the border between Nevada and Arizona

On his first flight, a trip from Denver to Las Vegas, Liam got to visit the cockpit!

Photo with Labine siblings: Christopher (with his son Liam on his shoulders) flanked by his brothers Mitchell (in white sweatshirt) and Dakota (with arm around his girlfriend Rain), and Parker

The guys, in Orlando on their honeymoon, enjoying the world of Dr. Seuss at Universal's “Islands of Adventure."

Honeymoon In Miami Beach

At Santa's workshop in North Pole, New York

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