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Enjoy every moment you have with your kids.

Whenever I read an article on Gays With Kids, I wonder: Are we really so different from the rest of the parents out there? And every time I come to the same conclusion: No, we’re not. Sure, there are the obvious differences – we are usually single-gender couples, which is what some people really get hung up about – but if you just dig a little deeper, to the human side of things? Nah, not really.

So, rather than focus yet another article on who we are and how we are and what we’re not, I figured, I’d like us to focus on our kids instead. I’m not saying we’re not, but there are these things called “week days”and “routine” that sometimes get in the way. Having just returned from a vacation and having seen my son up close every day, marveling at so many different things, I’ve come to a new appreciation of fleeting moments in his development: new words, new tricks and abilities.

It’s so easy to miss them, as we ourselves take them all for granted, but for our little ones, the first time is a really big deal. If we allow ourselves to be a part of that? WOW!

Sitting on his grandfather's lap, Sascha is enthralled as he watches our plane leave the gate. Sitting on his grandfather's lap, Sascha is enthralled as he watches our plane leave the gate.

Just the other day, my son, whom we kiss many times a day to tell him how much we love him, suddenly turned around on my lap as we were watching his favorite little flick on his iPad, put his lips together in a kiss, and put them smack on my mouth. I was stunned. He’d never done that before. A tiny, simple gesture that made my heart go into overdrive. Before I knew it, the moment was over, and his attention was back on his minions from “Despicable Me”…

It’s simply amazing to watch how Sascha looks at the activity on the tarmac after boarding a flight, or how he mimics us making phone calls, or how he points out airplanes, helicopters, and birds in the sky. Last week, at a luau in Honolulu, he was absolutely captivated by the dancers on stage (see photo at the top of the article), and most of us at the table focused on watching him watch the dancers rather than enjoying the show ourselves. These moments come and these moments go, but they are such precious memories to hold onto as our children grow older.

Let’s not be blinded by our daily routines, let’s try and enjoy those precious moments we have with our children. For every such moment is the reward we get for loving, nurturing, and protecting them as they grow up.

Sascha, future CEO (I sometimes wonder what role models we are…) Sascha, future CEO (I sometimes wonder what role models we are…)


Posted by Hans M. Hirschi

Hans M Hirschi has been writing stories ever since he was a child. A deep passion for a better world, for love, and tolerance are a red thread throughout his creative and non-fictional work. Hans lives with his husband & son on a small island off the coast of Gothenburg.


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