Awkward Questions

Awkward Questions Queer Dads Receive on the Daily

We asked our Instagram audience a simple question: What are some of the craziest, most awkward questions you've received from people about your family as a gay dad?

Some of the answers we got back were equal parts hilarious and ridiculous — and a great reminder to our *ahem* allies to maybe think twice before opening their mouths about our families. Others were offensive — and reminder of the discrimination our families continue to deal with on the daily.

Check out the responses we got below.  

"EVERYONE asks how we got our daughter. Which sometimes gets very personal. 🙄"

          - @leathersirjason


"Do you wish you hadn't had biological kids?"

          - @florida2manilla


"Why would you come out when you had kids!"
          - @jeroen_birdsong


"Which one of you is the mom?"
          - @jeffkolsrud


"Were the birth parents on drugs?"
          - @nnicgam


"Aren't you worried that your kids will be gay?"
          - @henkhenderson


"After saying we've adopted-so who's sperm did you use?"
          - @alex_salinas85


"Did you put on enough suntan lotion (I'm white, her biological mom is black)?"
          - @equityben


"Who's going to teach your daughter about tampons?"
          - @jpinthegreen


"Everyone asks how we got our daughter, which sometimes get personal."
          - @leathersirjason


"Where are his real parents?"
          - @behallman

"Whose sperm did you use?"
          - @calliope_jensen_and_da_


"Who's the father?"
          - @robblindemann


"How are you a dad?"
          - @d_hooves


"So which son is whose (twins)?"
          - @carpe_diem_ar


"But isn't hard on the kids?"
          - @stefonce_fierce


"Which one of you is more like the mother?"
          - @wright_ant


"Is he adopted or did you all make a swirl baby?"
          - @2dads_and_a_benjamin


"But shouldn't all kids have a mom?" 
          - @2dads_and_a_benjamin


"Who's the uncle?"
          - @dopplerjake


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