"And So Much More": A Book That Celebrates Our Kids For Being Themselves

Here’s another Kickstarter campaign we support. "And So Much More" is a new inclusive children’s book for preschoolers in which kids of LGBT families can see their own families reflected in its pages, without the book being specifically about our families.

The author, Jessica Collaco, explains that the book is meant to help our young kids understand that they’re more than just “cute kids,” a term they are likely to hear frequently from well-meaning adults. Instead, they’re imaginative, powerful and loving beings.

Something else unique about the book that we especially enjoy: the story helps kids connect their insides with their outsides through phrases like "My arms give loving hugs", "My heart is full of joy and kindness", and "I am grateful for who I am," which helps kids learn that their bodies are tools they can use to express creativity, generosity, joy and wonder.

The Kickstarter campaign, which ends very soon on November 1, offers different gift levels with lots of cool rewards! So far, the author has raised about 30% of the $19,200 in funds needed to illustrate and print the book, which will be ready for release in May 2017.

Check out the author's website here.

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