After the Election: Where Do We Go From Here?

Shocked and devastated by the results of yesterday’s election, we want to offer a much needed message of hope.

One of the primary reasons we launched Gays With Kids in 2014 was to give visibility to our families. We knew then that visibility would play a critical role helping to normalize our family experiences, opening the hearts of those who didn’t understand our families nor supported our equality.

And so that’s what we’ve done, showing the country and the world how much love is involved in creating our families and raising our children. That when it comes to our children, we gay dads face the same challenges as our straight neighbors and colleagues. That we share the same hopes and dreams for our children’s future.

Following yesterday’s election, we must now redouble our efforts to give our families visibility, to show off proudly the incredible diversity that makes up our community. We especially want to show gay dad families living in our nation’s heartland, to make sure their neighbors understand how much common ground we all have.

At Gays With Kids, we will continue to do our part expanding our vibrant community of gay dads, sharing as many stories as we can about how we are creating and raising healthy, loving families. If you have not yet shared your own story with us, please get in touch. Now more than ever we really need your help to show the world just how happy and wonderful our families really are. Together, we will make a difference. We will be stronger together.


Brian and Ferd

Gays With Kids

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