A Young Father Comes Out As Gay

Perhaps it’s not happening as often as it used to, but it still happens: a guy marrying a woman, only realizing later that he is gay. Nowadays, with the help of YouTube and Facebook, his subsequent coming out is likely to be a very public affair.

Ben Hobson (25), a good-looking young man who grew up in a Mormon family in Idaho, married a girl in 2008. They have two kids. In a touching video set to the song “Iris (I Just Want You to Know Who I Am)” he published on his YouTube channel a few months ago, Hobson came out publicly. Pretending to write on a tablet, he silently communicated the relevant details of his life: his mother died almost six years ago; he married a girl three months later; their daughter was born seven months after that. He started drinking heavily to numb his feelings. After he decided to stop drinking on New Year’s Day, he came to the realization that he was gay. His last written words in the short video are worth remembering: “I used to think I had to drink to have a good time…Turns out I just had to be myself.”

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