A Straight Mom’s Mother’s Day Ideas for Gay Dads

I’m a mother. If it were up to me, mothers would be celebrated all year long. We would be served breakfast in bed (waffles and champagne), be treated to luxurious massages, and be told how much we are loved. Every single day.

But that is not my life.

My life involves getting up to feed a baby in the middle of the night. Eating Cheerios while standing up in the kitchen. Figuring out how to love the toddler who is kicking you while screaming and having a tantrum about a toy that isn’t even his.

How about the mothers in your kids’ lives? Maybe the mother your family is celebrating this May 10th is a woman who selflessly carried your child in her womb for nine months. Maybe she’s the person who gave you the best gift of all ... a child.

Or maybe it’s someone you have looked up to as an inspiration for how to be a loving parent.

Whatever kind of mother you have in your life, give her a Mother’s Day gift that reminds her that she is appreciated not just today, but all days.

  • Write her a heartfelt note telling her why she is important to you or how she inspires you. This will be a letter she treasures forever.
  • Give her a framed picture of a special moment. Take the time to select a meaningful photo and put it in a nice frame. It doesn’t have to be expensive; Target has some that are simple yet gorgeous.
  • Make a brunch date for some other weekend, but not on Mother’s Day. Make plans to treat her to a nice meal on some other date. You’ll avoid the overpriced prix fixe menus and it’s a separate day for her to feel special.
  • Invite her over to watch a movie or TV marathon of her choice. I hate how my husband will never watch my shows with me. I think I might die of happiness if he were to suggest that we marathon the last few Real Housewives of New York episodes together.
  • Pamper her with a gift certificate for a massage or a mani/pedi. This is a gift that is always appreciated. Sometimes moms need some reminding that they deserve to relax every once in a while.
  • Buy her flowers that will last longer than a week, like a hydrangea bush to plant outside. Every time she passes by, she will think of you.
  • Posted by Lindsay Podolak

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