A Small Miracle: Marty, Michael and Shawn

Marty and Michael met at a college in October of 2003; Marty was in his senior year; Michael was a freshman. They lived on the campus's Christian Fellowship floor, so neither considered that the other might be gay even though they were immediately attracted to one another.

Michael and Marty in 2003

Despite Marty's moving away after his graduation, it seems these two were meant to be together: They reunited later through Gay.com. After one date they both said, “I love you," and fast-forward seven years, they were living together in the house they had bought.

The first day they met Shawn

Marty and Michael decided it was time to start their family and began the process through the DHS. In their home state at that time only one of them could be on the adoption application: Michael was listed on the form and Marty was listed as “other adult in the house." On July 1, 2011, Marty and Michael heard that Shawn was available and they met her for the first time on July 25; by August 6 they had custody.

Marty with Shawn at her first fair

It was the fastest custody placement their social worker had ever seen as Shawn was failing to thrive and was literally wasting away in foster care despite the best attempts by her foster parents.

Shawn's first Easter with Michael and Marty. Here she is pretending to eat Michael

Shawn was 2 years old when Marty and Michael welcomed her into their family. She could not walk or talk and weighed only 21 pounds; Shawn was below age average in every way, physically and mentally.

Shawn's Kindergarten graduation

The adoption was finalized on April 11, 2012; within six months Shawn was walking and talking. Today she is a normal and active 6-year-old in first grade who loves soccer!

Michael, Marty and Shawn on their trip to Universal Studios, summer 2014

Marty and Michael were legally married on May 13, 2014, and are excited to grow their awesome family!

Who wants M&M'S?

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