A Gay Dad Wonders: What Will the 'Roaring Twenties' Bring?

The Roaring Twenties are upon us, and with the new decade comes great anticipation.

I remember as a kid that whenever a new decade came, it felt like "out with the old and in with the new." It seemed like pop culture and the way of doing things suddenly shifted. Witness 1979 into 1980 and the dawn of a new era in music, fashion, entertainment, and culture. Same with 1989 into 1990. Bam!

As I got older and started my own journey of growth, I started tracking decades by the milestones I had hit during each of the ten-year increments.

In the 1980's, I graduated from high school, college, graduate school, and then got married. And bought my first house. In fact I graduated from graduate school, got married, and bought my first house all within 5 months! Yikes.

The 1990's brought me the birth of my daughter, then my son, then a divorce, coming out as a gay man/dad, and then I eventually met the man I'd spend the rest of my life with. Still to this day. That was a lot, to say the least.

The 2000's were less about milestones and more just about raising two children as a gay man/couple at a time when active fatherhood, being a gay dad, and progressing through work as a gay man wasn't really ever spoken about, acknowledged, or embraced. It was a lot to balance. Those ten years weren't so easy if I'm to be truthful.

Then the 20-teens came and we were ushering our two teenagers through their own milestones like graduating from high school, then college, then grad school, then starting new careers. They were growing beyond my imagination and I was honestly just trying to keep up! I was reliving my milestones through theirs, and as a dad it was just as rewarding if not more.

But now as we face the 2020's, I can only expect another decade of great change for me, my family, and for the world. We will see more milestones come…some we've planned and worked for and others we simply come to accept and live through. Some we will conquer alone, and some we work on together.

My life as a dad is different now. I can't possibly be as active as I was when they were young and with me all of the time but I'm still here. Every step of their way. My life as a spouse is different now too, as we look for new ways to spend our time and energy and continue to grow. And of course life at work is in constant change as well, because, well, if it isn't changing then we are moving backward and not forward.

I like moving forward in all aspects. Here's to moving forward in 2020 and in the decade to come!

Posted by Jim Joseph

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