A Fit Gay Dad Family: Mike, Norm and Their Four Sons

Mike and Norm of Stockton, California, have been together for five years and are engaged to get married in September. They share parenting duties of their four sons with the boys' mom / Mike's ex-wife. Noticing how well the dads keep in shape, Gays With Kids asked the dads to talk about the importance of keeping fit and how they encourage their children to enjoy active lives.

Norm and Mike running on the beach in Bodega Bay, Calif.

“They see Norm and me work out and take care of our bodies and it encourages them as well."

Three of their boys running down their street, conditioning for baseball

“We teach them about good choices in food. Yes, they do have some snacks but we do our best to keep it healthy and implement vegetables."

Levi, their youngest running in his jog-athon at school; he's in pre-K!

Hiking in Bodega Bay

“We limit time on their devices inside like TV, PlayStation3 and iPads. Being outside and active is a priority to us."

The boys playing baseball

“Physical activity not only helps with a strong, healthy body, but it also clears your mind and improves your thinking."

Mike playing with two of his boys

Being outside and exercising is vital to our family for health."

Mike and Norm's four sons: Caleb, Jonah, Zechariah and Levi

“We want our boys to be educated on eating properly and staying active."

Mike (left) and Norm after a workout at the gym

Answers have been edited for clarity.

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