11 Reasons We're Loving Insta-Hunks "Dads Not Daddies"

We've been following the parenting adventures of Devon and Rob, two dads based in Salt Lake City, for some time now as they raise their two sons. With 148K followers on Instagram, apparently we're not the only ones! If you're not convinced you should follow them yet, we rounded up some of our favorite pics of the insta-couple below. Enjoy!

#1. They can take a well timed picture...

#2. They make sure their kids enjoy the great outdoors

#3. They use their popularity for good

#4. They can take a mean family photo...

#5. They still make time for their friends

#6. They aren't afraid to experiment with some new LQQKS

#7. They slay halloween costumes each year...

#8. They're raising two pretty adorable kids

#9. Again with the well-timed photos, I mean come on...

#10. They're funny...

#11. And they're clearly in love with each other and their kids

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