Why Become An Egg Donor

Why Become An Egg Donor?

Why Do Women Decide To Become Egg Donors?

Dr. Daniel Skora of Fertility Specialists of Texas explains some of the reasons a woman might decide to become an egg donor.

Why become an egg donor?

There are many reasons why women want to become egg donors. The best and most common reason is to help people to have children! Many egg donors never want to have children of their own but want to help others who are having trouble having children or have no way of having children, to have children. With the help of egg donation, many parents-to-be are finally able to have the children they have always dreamed of.

Obviously, there are the practical implications of becoming an egg donor as well. You are compensated for your time and energy, as well as the medical procedures. Most egg donors are young, healthy women who have their whole lives ahead of them. They often use that money to help pay for things such as education.

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Posted by Dr. Daniel Skora

Dr. Skora is a physician at Fertility Specialists of Texas. He is board certified in both Obstetrics and Gynecology, and Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility. ”As an openly gay doctor, being a part of the FST team helps me to better serve my community. Our new partnership with GWK only allows for further outreach to my community that is essential to my work as a fertility specialist.”

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