Why Do Women Decide To Become Surrogates?

Why Do Women Decide To Become Surrogates? 

Kristen Hanson of Simple Surrogacy discusses the multiple reasons a woman might choose to become a surrogate. It is a common misconception that women only become surrogates for monetary reasons, but as Kristen explains, the reasons are usually not related to money.

Why do women become surrogates or egg donors?

Most people get into this business as a surrogate or a donor because they really want to help people. In the case of being a surrogate, most people can understand from having their own families what a joy it is to have children of your own and people want to bring that joy to other families. Surrogates tend to come from occupations where they're already helping people. Such as nurses or teachers or aides or even customer service. People who really like people generally tend to choose to be surrogates. They are altruistic women who really like to help people.

Do women become surrogates for the money?

In most cases, the money that surrogacy provides will enable them to be more present for their family. Especially in times that like now during Covid-19, we're seeing people choosing to be surrogates so that they can stay home and take care of their kids. This gives many women the flexibility to be there for their families. Being a surrogate helps afford them the ability to be more present for their own families and to help provide for them as well. But money is not the only concern, in fact, I think if you measured the time spent and the amount of physical involvement in being a surrogate I think you would find that the pay for being a surrogate is nowhere close to the actual work that it takes to be one. While the money will help their families, they don't only do it just for that reason. Most surrogates do it to be able to help another person or family to have a family of their own because they understand just how important that is. Another reason that surrogates couldn't possibly be in it just for the money is the rigorous screening that they undergo from their agencies. All agencies will interview their surrogates thoroughly to make sure that their heart is in the right place and that they're choosing this surrogacy for a reason that is not just monetary. The amount of time that the surrogates will spend going through the process and getting injections and medical procedures to enable them to be your surrogate really means that they have to have their heart in the right place and not be doing it just for money.

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Posted by Kristen Hanson

Kristen is an Owner and Executive Director of Finance at Simple Surrogacy. She oversees the financial aspects of Simple Surrogacy, as well as solely managing the escrow accounts of our clients. Kristen is an experienced three-time Egg Donor, and parent, and is very experienced with all aspects of surrogacy involving Egg Donation.

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