What Is Involved In a Semen Analysis During IVF

What's Involved With A Semen Analysis?

What is a semen analysis?

Dr. Jerald S. Goldstein of Fertility Specialists of Texas explains the process of preparing for a semen analysis before proceeding with the IVF process.

How do I prepare for a semen analysis?

One thing that you may want to consider is prior to going to the fertility clinic is having the semen analysis in your hometown. This would allow you to have the reassurance that your sperm count is normal.

If your sperm count is not normal there are some things that you may be able to do to improve the health of the sperm. Reducing your exposure to toxins such as smoke can improve the quality of your sperm. In addition, heat has a very adverse effect on sperm. For example, if you spend a long time in hot tubs or saunas, you may want to consider not doing this two to three months prior to your semen analysis. Lastly, we know that diet may have an effect on sperm quality. Vegetables such as beets or blueberries are rich in antioxidants, such as vitamin c,  these may also improve the quality of your sperm. When you come to the clinic you want to remember to abstain from intercourse for at least three days prior to your producing a semen analysis.

What happens after a semen analysis?

After you produce a sperm sample at the clinic the sperm will then be examined by an andrologist and frozen. Prior to freezing the sperm, the andrologist will examine the sperm and evaluate things such as the volume of sperm, the concentration of sperm, the mobility of the sperm and the shape of the sperm, also known as morphology. It's important to remember that rarely is there an issue whereby you cannot be a dad. In summary, the steps you're about to take in storing your sperm will be one of the first steps on your road to becoming parents.

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