What Is A Semen Analysis

What Is A Semen Analysis?

What Is A Semen Analysis? 

Dr. Guy Ringler of California Fertility Partners discusses the process of a semen analysis and what to do if your results need improving.

What is looked for during a semen analysis?

A semen analysis is a very basic test to evaluate male fertility. You provide a semen sample and we look at your sperm count, the sperm motility, sperm morphology. What does all that mean? Essentially, we want to see how many sperm you have, we want to see how well they swim and we want to see what they look like. Are they shape normally or abnormally? These three parameters of concentration, motility and morphology, correlate with the function of the sperm. The function of sperm is to penetrate eggs. We want to make an assessment of how well your sperm can penetrate an egg.

What if my semen analysis is abnormal?

If there's any abnormality, don't worry. There are things that we can do that can improve the sperm quality. Leading up to your treatment cycle you may need to change some lifestyle choices in order to get the best possible sperm to help give you the best chance of success. After reviewing your semen analysis your doctor may review factors that can impact your sperm. Things such as how much alcohol you drink, do you smoke, do you use marijuana, how much do you work out. Guys who work out six or seven days a week, they may look great, but their sperm can suffer from that. So start with the semen analysis your doctor will review it and see if there's any need to tweak in your lifestyle.

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Posted by Dr. Guy Ringler

Dr. Ringler, partner of California Fertility Partners, is recognized globally as a leading fertility doctor. More than that, however, as a gay man Dr. Ringler is personally committed to helping members of the LGBTQ community build families. He's proud to point out that since their launch in 1988, California Fertility Partners has always supported LGBTQ family building, rightfully giving them pioneer status among their peers.

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