What Happens After Matching With An Egg Donor?


Whats the process after matching with an egg donor?

Dr. Daniel Skora, Fertility Specialists of Texas the requirements needed to be met by potential egg donors.

What comes first after matching?

The donor will then go through a medical screening process. They will visit the clinic or fertility center and they will have a lot of blood work done. One thing that blood work is used for is looking for any sexually transmitted infections. Many types of STI's will disqualify them from being an egg donor. They will also check genetic profile to make sure that the donor doesn't carry any genetic diseases that we be cause for concern.

Your fertility center or IVF clinic will do an egg count, via blood work as well as an ultrasound. The ultrasound will tell your doctor how easy it is to get to their ovaries. They also check for little premature follicles in those ovaries. These follicles will eventually become follicles containing eggs that would later be retrieved during their egg retrieval. The reproductive endocrinologist will also sit down with the patient and talk through the entire process of egg donation through IVF. Once that's done the donor will have a physical exam which is required by the FDA and talk through the entire process again.

Posted by Dr. Daniel Skora

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