What Does A Surrogacy Agency Do

What Does a Surrogacy Agency Do?

What Does a Surrogacy Agency Do?

Victoria T. Ferrara of Worldwide Surrogacy Specialists discusses the role of a surrogacy agency for "dads to be" and how they can assist them during the surrogacy and IVF process.

What should I look for in a surrogacy agency?

A good surrogacy agency should be there for you the entire journey. From when you first sign-up with them until you have your baby and your birth certificate. One of the main components of what the surrogacy agency will do is case management.

What support structure do I receive from a surrogacy agency?

A case manager will be following you and your surrogate throughout the entire process and helping you with anything that comes up. The surrogate should have a support person and that would be someone who's keeping in touch with her regarding her medical appointments and how she's doing and how she's feeling. Also, there should be some legal supervision, there should be a lawyer who is helping you to look over the legalities of the situation. That lawyer will be making sure the legal work gets done. Sometimes that specific lawyer will physically doing the legal work and sometimes just keeping in touch with the lawyer who's in charge of it. Your lawyer will also be  making sure that the lawyer in the state where the surrogate lives is getting the legal work done, especially the pre-birth order before the birth.  The surrogacy agency is also responsible for recruiting and screening surrogates. Screening is a crucial and important aspect of surrogacy recruiting and matching. The agency should be doing a very thorough and rigorous screening of all the surrogates. The major take away is that you want a team who's there for you and available for you. This is someone who you can keep in touch with and who will respond to you when you're looking for help or or have questions.

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Posted by Victoria T. Ferrara

As the Founder & Legal Director of Worldwide Surrogacy, Vicki leads the agency with a passion for law and the family formation process. She brings over 25 years of experience practicing assisted reproductive technology law and surrogacy law to help people make their dreams of family come true—just as hers have. She and her spouse, Michelle Loris, have two sons, Sal and Nick.

Website: https://www.worldwidesurrogacy.org/en/

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