What Are The Success Rates For Gay Men Pursuing Surrogacy?

What Are The Success Rates For Gay Men Pursuing Surrogacy?

What are the success rates when using an egg donor & gestational carrier?

Dr. Juan P. Alvarez of Fertility Centers of Illinois discusses the common success rates for gay men and couples who are using an egg donor and gestational carrier for surrogacy.

Success rates of IVF are commonly linked to the age of the egg donor. Most egg donors are very young, less than 34 years old and ideally less than 30 years of age. The reason why younger egg donors result in higher success rates is due to the egg quality declining with age. There is a significant decline in pregnancies around age 32 and then more steeply after 35.

By using a young and healthy egg donor and then transferring the embryo created with that egg to a gestational carrier who has a proven track record of multiple healthy pregnancies gives you the best odds of success. 

When looking at an IVF clinic you can tell how reliable they are by their success rates. Pregnancy success rates at over 80% is considered very good. A high-quality IVF clinic and egg donation center will advise you towards younger egg donors. So, keep these in mind when deciding who to pursue your journey with!

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Posted by Dr. Juan P. Alvarez

Dr. Alvarez is passionate about all aspects of infertility but has a particular interest in obesity and its impact on fertility as well as unexplained infertility, diminished ovarian reserve, fertility preservation, and LGBTQ+ fertility.

Website: https://www.fcionline.com/

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