What Are The Stages Of Egg Donor Screening

What Are The Stages of Egg Donor Screening?

What Type Of Screening Must A Potential Egg Donor Go Through? 

Rachel Campbell of Circle Surrogacy & Egg Donation explains what is the screening process for potential egg donors and what makes a good candidate.

Pre-screening stage

When a donor applies to become an egg donor she enters the pre-screening stage and in this stage, she will complete a comprehensive profile that will include information on her personal and family medical and mental health history. It will also include information on her education and employment history, her personal characteristics, along with her thoughts on the egg donation process. This profile is then reviewed by our team of experienced egg donors and any clarifying questions are explored with the applicant. The donor applicant will then enter into a pre-screening interview with our team and the pre-screening interview is an opportunity for us to provide psycho-education about the donation process to the donor applicant. As well as to get a sense of her readiness and her ability to manage the tasks that will be put before her.

Psychosocial screening stage

When a donor is then approved to be on our database and is selected for a match with one of our intended parents, she will undergo a more comprehensive a broader psychosocial evaluation that will include both an interview with a licensed clinical social worker, as well as successfully passing psychological testing. This stage of screening is meant to delve deeper, we want to know more about the donor's history, her relationships, her support system and also her motivations for becoming an egg donor. The psychosocial evaluations are meant to rule out any concerns for a donor's mental health, as well as the potential for underlying psychopathology.

Medical evaluation stage

The final stage of a donor's screening is the medical evaluation and this stage of screening takes place at the intended parent's fertility clinic. In this stage of screening, a donor is going to undergo a comprehensive day of medical testing that will include lab work, genetic screening and ultrasounds. This stage of screening is really meant to decide if a donor is medically fit to move forward in an egg donation process. Every stage of the screening process for an egg donor is important and as an egg donation is an intentional gift, it's important that both the emotional and physical fitness of an egg donor is assessed in the screening process.

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Posted by Rachel Campbell

Rachel earned her Master of Social Work degree from Boston University and worked in both child welfare and adoption before joining the Circle team in 2005. In her time with Circle, Rachel has held a variety of roles, including Intended Parent support, screening and matching surrogates and egg donors, and providing surrogate support. Rachel presently manages the Egg Donation Department, overseeing egg donor intake, prescreening, screening, and matching between egg donors and IPs.

Website: https://www.circlesurrogacy.com/parents/gay-parenting

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