Jay Cook-Wong of Same Love Surrogacy Explains What Causes A Surrogate Rematch

What Causes A Surrogate Rematch & What Does It Entail?

Why Do People Get Rematched With A Surrogate?

Jay Cook-Wong of Same Love Surrogacy explains the many reasons that would cause a dad to be to a rematch with a new surrogate and what the process would look like.

What causes a surrogate rematch?

A surrogate rematch could be a result of multiple reasons. Failed transfers, miscarriage or your IVF doctor feels it is in your best interest to get a new surrogate. It could also be personal time conflicts with the surrogate. If things got pushed back during the process due to things like a failed transfer, she may no longer have the proper amount of time to dedicate to this process.

What does a surrogate rematch entail?

First, you will have to work with your agency and look for new candidates, this process can take some time. During the rematching process, you may also choose to have another match meeting either physically or virtually to get to know your potential gestational carrier. You can also meet with your IVF doctor during this time and get medically cleared in preparation for finding your new surrogate. It is important to note that your previous legal contract will most likely be null and void and you must draft a new contract for your future surrogate. You must also check with your insurance agency to make sure that your new surrogate will be covered and make any necessary adjustments.

What are surrogate rematching fees?

Depending on your surrogacy agency and the plan you have chosen, your rematching fees may or may not be covered. It is important to consider these fees when selecting a plan, especially if the sperm donor, egg donor or surrogate have any medical concerns that may put them at a higher risk of needing a rematch. These fees can have quite a large cost associated with them, so prepare for them in your budget or look for an agency/ plan that covers them for you.

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