Webinar: Surrogacy For Men In the United Kingdom 1/20/21

Webinar: Surrogacy in the United States for Queer Men in the United Kingdom 1/20/21
International surrogacy has its challenges but with the right team behind you & the proper knowledge, it is no barrier to you becoming a father!

Thinking about fatherhood, but feeling overwhelmed about where and how to get started? You’ve come to the right place! This recorded webinar provides an overview of the process, cost, and legal work required to successfully become a dad through surrogacy while overseas.


Key take-aways:

  • What a surrogacy journey looks like .
  • The surrogacy laws in the United Kingdom.
  • What surrogacy looks like in the United States.
  • The logistics when doing surrogacy abroad .
  • The expected costs of doing surrogacy in the United States as a man in the U.K.
  • How to obtain citizenship for your child.

Moderated by GWK Chief Marketing Officer Greg Zola and featuring our "Partners to Fatherhood" experts:

Dr. Mark Leondires, Founder & Medical Director, Reproductive Medicine Associates of Connecticut
Brad Spencer, Co-Founder & Co-Owner, Same Love Surrogacy


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