Webinar: Finding an Egg donor and Surrogate for Queer Men

Choosing an egg donor and surrogate will be one of the most exciting — and perhaps daunting — parts of your surrogacy journey.
This webinar will walk you through the entire egg donation process from start to finish, as well as covering the extensive screening process surrogates undergo. 
Key take-aways:

    • The different ways you can find and select an egg donor
    • The different screening processes egg donors must go through
    • Some tips for choosing the right egg donor for you and your family
    • The difference between an “anonymous” and “known” egg donor
    • The reasons why some women decide to become surrogates — and dispel some of the many myths and concerns some intended parents may have at the outset of the process.
    • The psychological, physical, and personal background screenings surrogates undergo.
    • The matching process — and tips for matching with the best possible gestational carrier for you and your family.


Moderated by GWK Executive Editor David Dodge and featuring our "Partners to Fatherhood" experts:


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