What Is The Surrogacy Process for International Parents In The U.S?

How Can International Dads Proceed in The U.S?

Victoria T. Ferrara of Worldwide Surrogacy Specialists discusses how international "dads to be" can proceed with surrogacy in the U.S., why they must consider insurance for their newborn, and their home country laws.

Insurance for international dads-to-be

The first important thing that international parents should focus on when they're considering surrogacy in the United States is Insurance, specifically newborn insurance. The insurance issues in the U.S are complicated and you need to make sure that you have private insurance in place for the newborns when they are born. Your surrogacy clinic or reproductive attorney may be able to assist you and point you in the right direction, to find an insurance plan that works for you.

Home country laws for international dads-to-be

The second thing to consider is the home country laws. It is highly encouraged that intended parents should have a home-country lawyer to get advice and to help me to make sure that they do the right things for the intended parents, legally, here in the United States. A home-country lawyer will help ensure them that they can return to their home country with their baby and register their child and obtain citizenship for them in their home country.

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Posted by Victoria T. Ferrara

As the Founder & Legal Director of Worldwide Surrogacy, Vicki leads the agency with a passion for law and the family formation process. She brings over 25 years of experience practicing assisted reproductive technology law and surrogacy law to help people make their dreams of family come true—just as hers have. She and her spouse, Michelle Loris, have two sons, Sal and Nick.


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