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We all take different roads to parenthood. Some of our roads are longer and bumpier than others, and some involve special people to help us along. Looking back at our journey, I am very grateful for our surrogate Angela. However, there were some unexpected VIP travel companions who shared our excitement for each milestone and made this journey pretty spectacular: Angela’s four fantastic children.

When Angela agreed to be our surrogate she was very clear that one of her main goals was to give her four kids (ages 5, 4, 4 and 2) the story of how one family can help another.  We all read The Kangaroo Pouch together and Angela asked the kids if it was ok for her to carry and grow Frank and Norm’s baby in her “pouch”. Not only were the kids on board from day one, they were ACTIVE participants on the journey.

Angela announced our successful pregnancy while on a video chat with the kids so that we could all celebrate together. Often, Angela would bring one of her kids to medical appointments explaining the procedures and ultrasound images. On one of our many visits to their home, we borrowed a fetal Doppler so that all the kids could hear the baby’s heartbeat.

Throughout the pregnancy, the kids would sing songs and read stories to Angela’s belly. The oldest daughter gave us tips on how to take care of a baby and, on one occasion, she demonstrated how well she understood the situation. When a friend commented on Angela’s pregnancy, her daughter piped up and said “Mommy’s not pregnant! She’s just growing a baby for Frank and Norm!”

One of my favourite moments was when Angela’s family announced to us that we were having a boy. The kids decorated a large cardboard box filled with balloons. Nobody except Angela knew the colour of the balloons until Norm and I released them. Check out the video for the full effect.

The months that followed were filled with group visits to the museum, baby showers, dinners, and baby shopping sprees. Without even trying, this loving family took both my husband and me in as one of their own. And before our son was even born, they loved him and talked about him every day. Today, they ask about our son Luca all the time and look forward to visits. They treat Luca with special, gentle care and Angela’s children look forward to when he can actually play with him.

A pregnant Angela and her 4 kids share a cuddle with me (far right) and my husband A pregnant Angela and her 4 kids share a cuddle with me (far right) and my husband

So it is with great love that I’d like to say thank you to my extra special travel companions. Thank you Madelyn, Carter, Emily and Cole for being such amazing kids and for letting us share your mommy for a while!

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