New Mid-Life Crisis for Gay Men

For Vancouverite John Hewson, after coming to the realization that he wanted to be a dad, it’s been a challenge to find someone with whom he can build a family.

Xtra Vancouver reporter Shuana Lewis shares the dad-to-be’s story, exemplifying the difficulties some gay men face creating a family. “I was trapped in the mindset that you have to be a straight man to have a family,” Hewson says.

The article explains that Hewson realized, after three experiences fighting skin cancer and a later-in-life coming out, he wanted to be a dad, but he found the atmosphere in Vancouver more geared towards lesbian families. To that end, at the beginning of this year he created social networking service geared towards connecting older gay guys who want families, which now has 15 members.

“It seems like there’s some uncharted ground,” Doug Anderson, a member of Hewson’s social network, explains. “Since our group has gotten together there has been heart, energy and a feeling of family for me.”

Are men in other places having a similar experience? How do you go about trying to start a family when you’re already in your 40s or 50s?

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