Nate and Antwon: Fatherhood Jitters

Gay dads-to-be Antwon and Nate continue their journey to fatherhood.

As part of their training to become licensed foster dads, they've taken classes covering such topics as child development, behavior management, and different forms of trauma. Although they've both found these classes draining, both can agree that the classes have helped put everything in perspective.

The next steps for Antwon and Nate are the home study and then multiple interviews, both individually and together.

They've already received some gifts from friends, and their library is growing with new children books! They've even discovered that Nate is particularly partial to fox designs on all children items.

The guys' excitement is clearly building, together with some feelings of worry.

We hope you'll enjoy this honest look into Nate and Antwon's preparations for their family expansion. And be on the lookout for more videos of their journey!

Watch their first video here.

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