Learn How These Dads Used Social Media to Find Their Surrogate

In this, the Broadway Husbands' sixth video, Bret Shuford and Stephen Hanna discuss the rather unprecedented process they went through to find their surrogate. The lucky couple also chat about winning an "Intended Parents" competition, which granted them the free services of a surrogacy agency who is now helping guide them (and their new surrogate!) on their journey.

In the first video below, get caught up to speed with the dads-to-be. Plus: there's bonus footage! Ever wondered about the financial side of their journey? In the second video, Bret and Stephen talk candidly about how they're managing to afford their dream of fatherhood.

Bret, a New York actor, and Stephen, a Broadway dancer, make up the dynamic duo behind @BroadwayHusbands. Gays With Kids is extremely excited to have front row seats as this theater duo vlog about the highs, lows, complications and revelations of their journey to fatherhood through surrogacy.

If you're considering surrogacy, or are in the early stages of your own surrogacy journey, you'll want to watch each video in this series sponsored by the @BroadwayHusbands' fertility clinic, Reproductive Medicine Associates of Connecticut (RMACT).

WATCH: Learn How These Dads Used Social Media to Find Their Surrogate

In this video you'll hear Bret and Stephen discuss:

Bret chats about Stephen's hesitation to start looking for a surrogate (0:15)

They discuss Bret's experience on Facebook in search of their surrogate (0:40)

Bret's Facebook post (1:25)

Their advice to others who look to Facebook as a way to meet potential surrogates (1:40)

Meeting and talking with and learning about their potential surrogate for the first time (2:25)

The husbands discuss the free surrogacy services they won (3:05)

Advice to other dads-to-be out there on starting their own journeys (3:46)

Next steps: meeting with everyone at RMA of Connecticut (4:10)

BONUS WATCH: Broadway Husbands Talk Money

In this video you'll hear Bret and Stephen discuss:

The dads-to-be approach to the financial side of their journey and breaking it into steps (0:25)

The First Step: visited the fertility doctor (RMACT), doing their blood work and freezing their sperm (0:35)

Agencies fees and why they chose not to work with an agency (0:58)

The Second Step: selecting an egg donor and how they covered the associated cost (1:22)

The Third Step: after choosing their egg donor, their first large payment installment was due (1:53)

Their plan for additional finances (2:30)

Bret and Stephen talk about how they won a surrogacy agency services (3:05)

The next installment of funds will be allocated for meeting everyone at RMACT's clinic (3:40)

The bright side of incremental installments (3:48)


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